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Kenny Arena out as men's soccer coach

FIU's in search of a men's soccer head coach again after Kenny Arena accepted a job with the LA Galaxy, according to FIU athletic director Pete Garcia. The Galaxy is coached by Arena's father, Bruce Arena.

Kenny Arena went 8-8-2 (0-7-1 in Conference USA) his first season, 2012, which was also FIU's first season with the full scholarship complement after years of NCAA reductions. This year, they were 6-10-1, 2-6-1 in conference.


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Oh well....That's not good.

Wow, that sucks. I thought we were making good progress with Arena at the helm. But, it's hard to turn down an Assistant Coach position at the MLS level, especially working for his dad. I'm sure his dad will be grooming him to one day, hopefully, take over as head coach.

I don't think there's anything FIU could have done to convince him to turn that opportunity down.

Does Pelé have a grandson? Maradona have a cousin? Is there some coach out there last name Donovan, not necessarily related to Landon? How will we find our next FIU soccer coach?

^^^ Now that's funny

FIU, fire the athletic director, with all the talent in the area and they are very mediocre in all major sports, sad but real.

Can't blame the guy

Stop hiring relatives of good coaches because of their name recognition.

Free advice.

Coaches look at Garcia, laugh at him among each other, realize he is full of crap and stuck at the one school that would employ a jerk like him and move on to bigger, better things. Line up the former coaches behind closed doors and you'll hear story after story about Garcia's hype, broken promises and unethical behavior.

The slime oozes from Pete's hand when he shakes yours. And he can't look you in the eye.

Nick, so is this your newest unfounded accusation? Throngs of former coaches hating PG? You've been wrong about 100% of your "inside" info and accusations. Everyone on this forum knows your just a gilted lover with an axe to grind. Your schtick is not even grounded in reality.

Turner and Garcia are not going anywhere, get used to it. They will be there at FIU for at least the next few years and there is not one thing you people can do anything about it. Should they be fired? YES!!!, but again it will not happen. If it where going to happen, it would have happened already. Enjoy another 1-11 season, get ready for D-2.

D. Neal has the Herald reported the Arena departure? I know the Herald doesn't think we matter, I don't recall seeing FIU sport scores beside football & MOST basketball. I'm actually glad the Herald chose to ignore us again when Nova beat us in hoops.

That's just not true. There was an article on the game we lost to Nova as well.

The article on FIU's win over FGCU is still on the Heralds main FIU sports page.

I guess someone needs to refresh their bookmarks.

FAU bring in a new Head coach after their former coach got caught taking drugs. The new coach has South Florida background which will go a long way when it comes to recruiting in the 305.

I did not know they finished 6-6 (but did not get a Bowl Invite)..

Any recruiting news, any basketball news, any Pete Garcia news?!?! Lol

Go Panthers!

No, Exasperated Panthers, we didn't report it. Except on this here Miami Herald blog.
And I really get tired of "We don't matter to The Herald" when attendance at FIU's sporting events -- improved though men's basketball is -- and story/blog clicks says that FIU doesn't matter to FIU's students and alumni.

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