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Who is Raheem Harvey?

Aside from a wide receiver verbal commit from Largo High, that is.

Harvey's rated at three starts by 247sports.com, both the site and its composite rating; two stars by Rivals.com; two stars by Scout.com; and three stars by ESPN.com.

Harvey's not track fast -- his best 100 was a pedestrian 11.4, his best 200 was 23.01 -- but not being "track fast" doesn't mean you can't be "football fast" (best example ever: Jerry Rice). It also doesn't have anything to do with whether or not you can catch the ball. Harvey made 34 catches for 434 yards (12.8 per catch) and eight touchdowns in 2013, almost identical to 34 for 490 (14.4) and seven touchdowns from 2012. Those high school numbers and Harvey's 6-1 frame, which will fill out to over 200, say "possession receiver" in a college West Coast offense. 



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You should do a who is nick Walsh blog post also DJN. Heeeeeeyyyoooooo

Very happy to see Dr. Paul take his education to the highest level. My wife and I see Paul at the games all the time and he will always be one of my favorite QB's along with Wes..

As for Jake I can only wish him the very best. I also think a new start for him as well as FIU will do everyone good. One of the few times that a transfer can playout good for both sides. I also hope his younger brother finds FIU to be a good fit for a young QB that does not mind seating on the bench for at least one year while he learns the playbook.

I would love to hear more about the 2014 recruiting class. One of the few things that is great about ending the season early is that the Coaching staff can hit the recruiting road 24/7 for the next month.. Plenty of time for this staff to go and pick up a Top 3 class in C-USA.

Go Panthers!

Nice write-up DJN. I watched his film and looks good to me. But what do I know, I'm just a guy that reads blogs.

He's the kind of guy we need. A sure-handed possession receiver that you can count on for the first down. A Wes Welker kind of guy.

That's what this team is missing dearly. A go-to receiver who would have not dropped the two touchdowns at FAU.

Tuner is doing a great job of going after our needs. We're gonna have a big class this year. If 1/3 of them turn out to be quality starters, we'll be in good shape.

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