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Williams out; Davydova, too (for now); Trifunovic Player of the Month

Greetings from Camp Mitch, where December 5 must be on the calendar as Firing Day.

A year less a day after a much larger sacking in the football program, FIU has fired linebackers coach Tom Williams. 


Don't expect to see 6-3 center Marita Davydova on the court this season. Word out of Camp Mitch is last year's Third Team All-Sun Belt center is ineligible this year after a Compliance screw up, but should be able to come back next season. If she was also ineligible last year, FIU could face school fines or forfeits.


Sophomore Aleksandra Trifunovic shares November's Conference USA Player of the Month Award with Tulsa senior Samantha Vickers.

Trifunovic went 3-0 in November without losing a set.



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Any news on Garcia or the football program?

David - So this guy gets his pink slip...Smh. Maybe if he actually had LBs to work with other than 5th year senior Markeith Russell. Is it known if Leroy Owens or Josh Glanton will be back next season ? I think Jean and Colimon have good potential but both those dudes need to be eating 4,000 calories a day and living in the weight room for the next 9 months.

It is sad to see a recruiter of of Williams caliber is being let go at a time when recruiting is so important. We witnessed a defense that was was out on the field the majority of the games and LBs that performed above and beyond their talent level.
It is had to believe that Coach Turner knows what he is doing when he makes moves like this. Maybe he should realize that he is the offensive genius he thinks he is and actually hire an offensive coordinator.

Jason Brooks leaves to go back to the Baltimore Ravens or another NFL team.
Josh Conklin gets shown the door and he becomes a position coach somewhere.
Andrew Hayes-Stoker leaves for a NFL job
Andre Patterson stays because he is the recruiting ace and because he is well liked.
Steve Shankweiler leaves for a head coaching job at the fcs level.
Kort Shankweiler leaves to follow his father.
Cameron Turner stays becauae he likes sucking on his mothers tit.
Kevin Wolthousen leaves for a bigger program.
All of the grad-assistants leave except Pete Collins because rumor has it he is coach's pet
Brian Mclaughlin gets let go for someone who is from the area and knows how to recruit in the area.

Sounds like someone from within the locker-room ?


Turner will continue to bring down the program. Better hope cristobal doesn't get FAU head coaching job.

I PRAY Cristobal gets the FAU job. They'll be dysfunctional for the next few years and that'd be a huge plus for us.

Position coaches come and go on all college staffs. Some leave for better opportunities, some aren't resigned because they're not the right fit.

They key will be, who is he replaced with? I'm hoping they find someone established whose successfully coached the position before.

For recruiting reasons alone FIU fans should probably hope Cristobal doesn't get the FAU job...

DJ Neal - any update on the potential resurrection of a FIU-UM series? I'm not seeing any advantage to UM and numerous reasons to not do it, do you get the sense that FIU would be willing to sacrifice the big cash payment and any reciprocation of FIU home games to make it happen?

David Neal's article and photos say it all. Those photos are just awful. And read Schnellenberger's quote. May Rosenberg and the trustees pick up the newspaper, read the article in anger and FIRE GARCIA. This embarrassment is out of control.

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