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A LB from Homestead, a DB from Hialeah


After a morning and noon in the kitchen -- fluffy pancakes, then Cake Pops, then brunch -- a few more details on what I Tweeted out this morning. (You don't follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DavidJNeal? Your bad).

And, yes, this is what I meant by standing your ground.

Homestead linebacker Anthony Wint had one interception, one fumble forced and one fumble recovered as a senior. He also had a widely reported offer from Syracuse at one time. Not sure that was still on the table. Wint's rated at two stars by 247sports.com and Scout.com, three stars by ESPN.com and unrated by Rivals.com.

Hialeah safety Nick Gonzalez picked off two passes his senior season, three in his last two years. Though Gonzalez didn't catch many passes as a wide receiver (seven), they tended to be big ones -- a 52-yarder against Miami Springs, two for 43 yards and two touchdowns against Hialeah Miami Lakes, a 37-yard touchdown against North Miami Beach.

Gonzalez isn't rated by 247sports.com, Rivals.com, Scout.com or ESPN.com.





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Lol, DJN what did you know we were going to ask if that was what you meant?

Not that RT needed to prove that he could "stand our ground" after the decommitment of Soroh & Bussey.... this class will bring to FIU the best WR class ever along with Turner's first true QB class.

Now they need to develop and prove it on the field...

Go Panthers!!

Let's give credit to DJN on the coaches standing their ground. They got wake up call after that comment. :-)

This WR class is going to push for playing time. Our QB(whomever it is) will benefit from their speed.

Go FIU!!

DJN, has Chris Acosta OL from Loiusville and Hialeah high enrolled at FIU?

Dave, can you also confirm the news that Jevonte Seabury recommitted today to Turner and FIU?

DJN,always fluffly pancakes, what? no waffles or crepes?

Seabury's Twitter says he recommitted yesterday. I'm hoping LB Nick McBeath and WR Raheem Harvey commit and then we will be all set. It's turning out to be a great class.

Seabury's Twitter account does say he's FIU bound again -- whoops, missed that.

Acosta, who has a year left of eligibility, has not been officially acknowledged by FIU.

My daughter likes my pancakes more than waffles. Besides, the waffle iron's a pain to get out.

^^ That's the problem with waffles. The waffle maker is a pain. We've made maybe 10 waffles in the 8 years since having paid $10 for a waffle maker on a Black Friday deal.


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