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And there he goes...

Both CoachingSearch.com and FootballScoop.com, citing unnamed sources, are reporting what I heard yesterday and couldn't confirm -- FIU running backs coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker will join Lovie Smith's Tampa Bay staff as the wide receivers coach.

Coaching staffs remain in flux for the next month or so and FIU is where FIU is on the coaching scale, so more exits could be imminent.



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Just wondering about Coach Butch. Since the Tampa Bay staff kicked the can what happened to Coach Butch? Is he currently looking to coach some where else? Do you think he will stay in the NFL or come back to the college level. It would be great to see if you had any info on this topic..


Well, I guess that pretty much lays to rest the notion that Turner just dragged in a bunch of losers who couldn't find work anywhere else, et? While we are on the subject, DJN, would you mind asking Walter Vila, who reported the the NCAA has suspended Davydova for this year, what the reason was?

These coaches are amazing, I can't believe we are losing them, what, without them, we are sure to get worse!!!

I think we can all rest easy in knowing that with the great loss of coaching talent we've had this off season, the most we could lose is 1 more game in 2014. Always looking at silver linings!

Good luck to Hays-Stoker

Turner needs to start hiring his coaches soon because with all the youth we have coming Back, Henry Bussey and Anthon's transfer will have a cluttered backfield with plenty of competition.

By the way per tweets, Two QB's are on campus as early enrollees.

Go Panthers.

Who besides Bud?

so, how about that Holey COley?

Alex McGough.

Chia: I didn't write an unconfirmed rumor. That's the point. I never stated he was headed for the Tampa Bay staff. I never said I wouldn't suggest something very well could happen that I heard was happening.

Gooch: If Butch wanted to do some FIU time and price himself at FIU rates, he knows where to find Pete Garcia.

Diagodog: I reported on this blog back on Dec. 4 that Davydova would be out this year. Why, neither Walter nor I know exactly, but this seems like one of those "oops, you played in that game/tournament for them? Let's hope they don't find out" things that can happen with Europeans.

Sorry DJN. Thought you had reported her status as pending, and then I saw WV's brief note. Anyways, thanks for the update. Makes sense. Too bad, especially for Coley.

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