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Coley gets the record



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She's a beast!!! Congrats to Jerica Coley on breaking FIU's all-time scoring record!!!

Congrats on a heck of a career

What an amazing player. I was so upset at my self for missing the game. I remembered it when a few people posted it on F.B..

Regardless I wish her all the best in the final few games as a Golden Panther and I hope she is recognized as a FIRST Team All-American at the end of the season.

Best of luck in the WNBA..

Congrats to Coley.

Congrats, Jerica!

Congrats Coley!!! Hopefully WNBA still exist next year and you get to play in the league.

Don't worry, worst case scenario Jerica can start for the Bulls.

Rose will still be deciding if he can play.

Lol Chia. They would welcome Coley over soft Rose. I'll take her jump shot in the clutch over Derek's

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