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Comings & Goings

Or Goings & Comings, in order of discussion.

Track coach Eric Campbell is out. I'm working on finding out why.

Michigan State graduate assistant in charge of defense and special teams Rob Harley, a former Ohio State safety, has accepted the FIU linebackers coaching job. CoachingSearch.com first on that report.


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We got some #Spartans over here! #ForSparta!

Sweet, let's go Coach Turner. Fill vacancies and let's make a final push to Signing Day. Multiple AllState commits...

Go Panthers.

Sorry to hear about Track Coach. Keeps news coming DJN.

The athletes got an email/text that said Coach Campbell resigned, and that he was already packed to leave Miami. So, not sure what happened. The athletes had no idea.

Geez, first I have ever seen Eric's name in print, with news of his departure. Oh well, hi and goodbye Coach. Hope greener pastures await.

FINALLY the Track team can move forward in the right direction. I hope FIU does a good job looking for a well-rounded Head Coach. Someone that knows more than 3 or 4 events. With all the talent in South Florida (specially in the Sprints and Jumps) FIU should be holding trophy's every other year.

There is so many things that need to be corrected inside that team and it will start from the top. I also completely understand that Track & Field is never going to be bigger than the 3 big sports but that does not mean they should half ass the search for the correct head coach..

A very excited Golden Panther right now..!

May have left for the same reason the soccer coach left...no track facility even though it was promised this year. Go F I U!

Gooch if I recall correctly weren't you a track athlete?

Although the story is a little old, there are rumors that align with FIUPantherFan's statement. Some athletes have suggested that it was the cancellation, or postponement of a track facility and that was the final straw causing Campbell to resign.

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