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FIU is paying these people?

When I got this e-mail, I thought I was the only person who received it. I forwarded it with a shake of the head to the FIU athletics media relations department.

Then, I found out this comes from a company, JTS Communications, hired by the school (which already has an under resourced athletic media relations department that just got returned to full staff) and this e-mail went out to a busload of media members. This is an embarrasingly slipshod collection of bits and bytes concocted by a mass of misfiring synapses. 

I eliminated the name of the employee, who clearly needed more supervision. Whatever has been paid to JTS Communications by FIU -- which has so much money to throw around -- should be refunded to the school like five-day-old grouper.

The e-mail:


Happy New Year!

I wanted to introduce you to FIU's new head football coach, Ron Turner.

I thought you might be interested in speaking with Coach Turner as he embarks on a very important recruiting season. He is looking to revamp FIU’s football program for a better 2014 season.

After a disappointing 1-11 season, there is only room for improvement. Turner is hoping to turn the program around with fresh recruits and new coaching tactics. 2014 should prove to be an exciting season for FIU! 

This will be Turner's 36th season coaching football, including nine as head coach of Illinois and San Jose State, along with appearances in eight bowl games throughout his 24 seasons at the collegiate level. He previously spent 12 seasons coaching in the NHL.

Click here to download Turner's full bio with additional information and stats.

Please let me know if you are interested in booking an interview with Coach Turner. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

xxxxx xxxxx
JTS Communications, Inc.
Celebrating 10 Years


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Yet another embarrassing moment for FIU Athletics. A lack of attention to detail. Just a sense of FIU Athletics being "out of touch" with their fan base and/or target audience - in this case, the media types.

And to think, we pay our AD more than the ADs at some ACC programs. You'd think we'd get those kind of results after a while, no? I mean, if he's getting similar money, is it wrong to expect similar results? Are we "ACC" caliber at ANYTHING we do? Not even talent wise. Let's forget about that for a second. Marketing, Fundraising, Event Operations...
anything? Not really.

I hate to take the topic back to Pete. I know this blog gets way too much "Fire Pete" nonsense as it is. But, it's just another example of poor leadership. Unfortunately, one of many examples over the last year or so.

Tick-toc, tick-toc the clock keeps on ticking, Dr. Rosenberg.

I didn't realize just how perfect this best is for you. Do you have past experience with Turner from your time covering the NHL?

Lord help us. This is ridiculous. Pete has to go. Now. No more, please.

Wow, I'm actually more disappointed in President Rosenberg. He needs to get rid of PG already. Fins celebrated Ireland gone, please make us happy Dr. Rosenberg!

Eh... Besides the obvious NHL typo, what is wrong with this? Am I missing something?

Quijote- Ron Turner has been the FIU coach for a year. He is not the new head coach. That statement is enough for me, even though the rest of it is less than amateur.

I'm with Quijote on this. It isn't an embarrassing issue unless David Neal decides to post it on the blog. I'm sure it's not the first release you've received with a mistake or incorrect stat. I don't see anything newsworthy about posting it, more like a way to feed the "I Hate Garcia" crowd and mix it up..

People blast the athletic department for running no promotions, them blast them for running too many promotions. They're bashed for not being proactive and trying to get Turner out there more publicly, then blasted for hiring an outside agency to help. Maybe they hired the company because they were either A. Short staffed or B. Looking to try and break through media barriers. After all, the only one that covers us is Neal Neal, with the occasional Villa. Was it a great release? No. Was it proactive to try and get different people tp talk to Turner during a key recruiting stretch? Maybe.

DP, once again you defend what is at best mediocrity. If this"so-called" PR firm had done this work pro-bono, I'd say well since it's free they're putting their student intern on this. However they are PAYING this firm and this PR firm does not only have a grammar problem, they think they're repping the NHL Panthers. Additionally, they think Coach Turner NOW coaches an NHL team. This firm knows NOTHING about a paying client. Yet Mr. Garcia hires them.

Normally this would be the perfect time to use the old adage "you get what you pay for ...", however seeing what we pay Mr. Garcia, this phrase does not apply!

DP, did you know FIU has a club Hockey team?

Maybe you are right, maybe FIU wants to start an NCAA sponsored Hockey team and as such we have the head coach in place, which will also make it his first year. Coach Turner can be the Bo Jackson of NCAA coaches. #TurnerKnows or #RonKnows

Quijote and DP: If you don't see anything embarrassing about this...I just can't help you. But let me try:

1. This went out to every media member on FIU athletics mailing list. You have any idea how large that list is? Every media member I spoke to about it shook their head with a sigh. These are people who make an effort to cover FIU when they can (pout about that if you want, but based on achievement and attendance, FIU can't argue for media coverage ahead of Dolphins, Heat, Panthers, even Marlins or, yes, UM).

2. When you send out an e-mail like this and you're in the PR business, you proofread so that you don't have brain farts like "NHL" instead of "NFL." Otherwise, you embarrass yourself and your client before those with whom you're trying to create a professional relationship. Yes, I have similar goofs in blogs and, sometimes, stories. The difference is a) on blogs, I can go back and correct them and b) I'm usually dealing in a "get it out there fast" mode with me being the only "gatekeeper." Everything leaving a PR firm should at least be seen by two sets of eyes, ideally more, and aren't under as much of a time press.

3. Know the recipient of the e-mail/release. You don't send a "let me introduce you to" e-mails/releases to media who have covered the subject daily or even occasionally (like, say, Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press). The visceral response is "this person/firm doesn't know who I am or what I do, which means they don't know basic information about their client. So why am I going to deal with them?"

4. You don't send "let me introduce you to the new guy" e-mails about somebody that's been in a relatively high profile job for a year.

I don't care who hired them, whether it's the university or the athletic department. It's not money well spent.

Whoops. See the difference there? That's not a luxury a PR firm has.

PeTe Garcia is a tremendo MUERTO!!!!!!

Oye DP, Is PG & Rosenberg DPing "U"?

This is par for the course for Garcia. That PR firm's work on that letter is very similar to the Garcia error/era at FIU. The letter is an act of desperation, full of errors and clueless as to who it is trying to reach. Garcia blew up the FIU football program and now through a PR firm he is trying to give the football program an image makeover. I feel bad for Turner because now he must realize the sewage he signed on to work for. Meanwhile, Rosenberg the puppet president sits idly by as Garcia takes a shovel and keeps digging a bigger hole to bury the FIU athletic program six feet under.

^^^^ Welcome back Patrick

Dp, your an idiot to think that there was nothing wrong with that release. Why are you worried about fiu when your an employee of the university of coral gables. Worry about you current issues with golden. Hell weren't you even a cheerleader for them blowing a big horn. Stop kissing garcias ass on this blog and at the basketball games. He is a cancer to the program and it won't move forward until he is gone.

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