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Enoicy, Maxwell pledge FIU


Delray Beach Atlantic wide receiver Adly Enoicy is 6-5 and was pursued at one time by Florida and USC among other schools. Enoicy's scheduled to visit Syracuse Jan. 31, but he committed to FIU Wednesday. ESPN.com has him at four stars, Rivals.com puts him at two stars, 247sports.com and Scout.com each have him at three stars.

St. Pete Admiral Farragut's Napoleon Maxwell ran the ball only 80 times, but for 953 yards his senior year, 11.9 yards a carry, and returned three kicks for touchdowns and caught 18 passes for 273 yards. He also had four interceptions as a safety. Maxwell have his verbal nod to FIU Monday with his official visit still to come. 247sports.com, Rivals.com and Scout.com all rate him at two stars. ESPN.com rates him at three stars.



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How Rivals has him at 2 stars is beyond me. Kid is a beast. ESPN rates him higher then Turner. Our receiving corp looks so much better overnight.

Napoleon looks like a beast running wild with the ball. He was also offered by Virginia.

David, is this the kind of FIU/Turner recruiting statement you referenced a few articles ago?

Welcome to FIU gentlemen!

I agree the kid is a monster. Could even play tight end. Now lets hope we can hang on to them. We will finally see on signing day.

Great pickups by out "out of touch recruiters" whom don't know the local coaches and can't build a mythical fence but have have for now more verbal commitments from local athletes than in 2012 & 2011.

Time will tell if they are great evaluators of talent, but from seeing three true freshmen perform well (Budwig, Jonny, Silas) it is encouraging.

Keep working and as always, #GoPanthers

how do you build an invisible, mythical fence when it is not visible? but u can save 15% by switching to geico...

Very excited about how this recruiting class is turning out. Already looking forward to spring football. With " Mario's boys" a year into adapting to Turner's system, along with the additions of "Turner's boys" from the last two recruiting classes, hopefully the team will coalesce and show that they can be competitive again. Let's go panthers!!!

I just hope at this point, all the cancers and turds have been weeded out from the roster.

No DP, we still have Mr. Garcia. Happy with this recruiting class, however root of Athletics problem is still there.

+1 Exasperated Panther, good recruiting by RT and staff but unfortunately we still have PG.

You can't have it both ways. One of the knocks on PG was that he reached for Turner and in doing so, hired an incompetent coach who is not in touch with recruiting.

Now, it looks like Turner is putting together a pretty impressive class, with some solid gets. Of the assistant coaches we lose, some have left us for the NFL. It means that Turner has put together a staff of highly regarded coaches, even though many fans may not agree.

It will be impossible for some to actually admit that PG may have made a solid hire. And if that's the case, he may not be as incompetent as many here allude to. Especially when his firing of Mario and hiring of Turner is used as their closing argument.

I smell a little brown noser in this thread. The only solid hire pg has had, showed up in a dress on game days

DjN with the big brother eye!!!

Ron Turner was/is a solid hire. However, he was nowhere near Pete's first choice. The delay between firing and hiring is proof that both decisions were not planned in advance. Fans of the program are feeling positive about recruiting in spite of the AD, not because of him, and there's nothing wrong or illogical about that.

Really? Brown nose cause I dare have a differing opinion? Aside from Isiah, PG's hires have been pretty decent.

Turtle? Serviceable.

Kenny Arena? Started a turnaround but left to coach in MLS. Looks like his replacement has a pretty strong pedigree as well.

Pitino? A star in the making, when everyone on this board took turns gloating that PG only hired sons of famous fathers. Leaves for a much better job and is heir apparent to Louisville empire.

Evans? Looking more and more like a quality hire.

Turner? Looks like he is proving that he can put together a staff of strong recruiters, much to the chagrin of the Chicken Littles of this blog.

Don't let personal feelings towards a man get in the way of an honest evaluation. And all the referencing of him dating many different women? Who gives a crap? From what I've read, he's not married so what's the big deal? Reeks of jealousy, if u ask me.

I will wait to better evaluate Turner, but if this class holds up, he is definitely not the terrible hire that negative posters have anointed him.

He's not married now, but he was when he started at FIU. For what it's worth.

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