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Harvesting the home field; Good win hunting

I truly believe, as I wrote in an opinion column today in The Herald, that there's no way the Univrsity of Miami can dominate football recruting in South Florida as it did during the glory days. That's not inconsistent with my feeling that FIU needs to recruit Palm Beach, Broward, and, especially Dade with Klingon aggression.

To that end, FIU might want to fill the special teams coordinator position with someone who knows his way around a palomilla steak or Pork 'n' Beans (the project, not the canned dinner). As of now, there's nobody with local roots or background on FIU's staff. Running backs coach-to-be Kerry Dixon, a Texas guy assigned to recruit Dade when FAU hired him in 2012, is as close as it gets.

Meanwhile, FAU's Charlie Partridge just finished his coaching family, a bus that includes Corey Bell (Edison High graduate and coach, American High coach), Roger Harriott (Davie University School coach for eight years) and Dan Shula (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas graduate).

Just an observation.


FIU's lookng for a date. The Panthers dance card already has Bethune, Louisville and Pittsburgh as home games. With the four Conference USA home games, that's seven home games, six against FBS opponents. FIU could add a home game against an FCS opponent without violating the NCAA scheduling rules.

They might need to go win hunting. Louisville, Pittsburgh and Bethune-Cookman adds up to 1-2 at best. Maybe 0-3, as we saw this year when Bethune battered FIU at La Cage. For interest, anything better than a trickle of attendance later in the season and any program momentum, FIU needs all the wins it can get.




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I'm with you on this, if local coach is qualified, let's give them a shot

I agree. Hopefully, Turner is sees this issue and acts on it. Columbus coach? Green at Southridge? Harris?

Be a head scratcher if he doesn't go after a local coach this time around.

Curious to see who's going to fill that SP position. Hopefully like you suggested, it’ll be someone with South Florida ties, specifically Dade County. Yet again, FAU seems to have "one-upped" FIU with their hiring of Partridge. It’s only been just over a month since his hiring and he's already made solid ties to Broward high school powerhouse’s University school and St. Thomas Aquinas. Then they deliver us a back-handed pimp slap to the face with their acquisition of a Dade-County high school coach and along with him the acquisition of a player whom was previously committed to FIU. Whuh…..Whuuuuuh?!!! Hopefully the guys over there at FIU are watching this unfold and are working diligently to counter FAUs efforts at out recruiting us yet again. By the way, FAU just landed another 3-star recruit yesterday in Cypress Bay safety Marquese Dudley-Gordon.

Another 3-Star player committed to FAU today. This time its a RB, Trey Rodriguez of Mainland High School, Daytona Beach.


High School coach tells me that they are seeing more of Coach Turner and staff, however FIU has a "current" reputation of instability and non-player friendly environment MAINLY due to guess who? That's right, the AD! Word's out that this insecure, impulsive individual can jettison ANY coach on a whim thus creating this perception in the local HS. Why send your player to FIU, when Mr. Garcia can fire the staff that got you if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Mr. President, tick-toc, tick-toc!

Shannon Moore from SDSU new special teams coordinator.

Good posting. I agree 100%.

To me nothing is more indicting of Turners incompetence than the fact that he has no SoFla based coaches on his team. His coaches are just his fiends that need a couch to crash on for a year or two.

He so bad sometimes I think he was hired knowing he was a seat warmer for 2 years till Cristobal and Isiahs salaries are off the books and then the $ from the 3 of them can be used to hire Butch Davis. It feels li Turner, Butch and Pete are all in on it.

Turner runs the program Ilikke he's just house sitting

Agree with the previous posts. How the hell does one not have South Florida coaches given our university location. What a joke. I've been of the school of thought to give Turner his due time to see how it pans out, but everything I read and see tells me he's been a mistake from day one.

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