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Hilton heading up; swimmers finish second

T.Y. Hilton didn't have a Roc Alexander to punk Saturday in the NFL playoffs. He didn't have a Marvin Harrison to suck attention. But he knew how to take advantage of a sitaution for 13 catches, 224 yards and two touchdowns against Kansas City Saturday.

When Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne scorched Denver for 10 catches, 221 yards and two touchdowns in the 2004 Wild Card round, Wayne benefitted from the circumstances. After Peyton Manning was nearly perfect in the 2003 playoffs against Denver, the Broncos traded for cornerback Champ Bailey. Denver stuck Bailey on Marvin Harrison in the 2004 playoffs and had a safety checking in also on Harrison, but left rookie Roc Alexander on Wayne. Manning and Wayne buried poor Alexander that day.

Saturday, as has been the case for just over half the season since he went down with a season-ending injury, Wayne was out. Hilton, already drawing occasional double coverage before Wayne went down, has become even more the focus of opposing defenses in a league where winning turns on making or preventing big plays. Hilton owned the Colts first drive. And the 64-yard winning touchdown bomb encompassed the essence of kid football: go long and I'll heave it to you. Or, if the kid throwing happens to be Andrew Luck, I'll whistle it along a wire to you in stride.

Kansas City lost Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers during the playoff game against the Colts, subtracting from an already-banged up secondary. There was clear confusion on the game-winning touchdown. Yet there was also just slow reaction to too much speed. Still, that's a good secondary. KC won't be spending multiple draft picks on cornerbacks, as Denver did after the Manning-to-Wayne beat down.

Hilton's put on size, which he'll need for durability. Because just as Harrison retired and Wayne became the No. 1 guy in Indy for Manning to target, Wayne's years remaining are few and Hilton's next in line to be Luck's main man wideout (if he isn't already).

And with each game, a few people will ask and learn, "What's Florida International?" Good marketing.


FIU finished second to New Mexico in Saturday's 10-team FIU Invite.

Sabrina Beaupre won both diving events, which meant she was a bigger winner in South Florida during break than her beloved Canadiens were on the ice against the Florida Panthers. Freshman Jennifer Alfani won the 50 butterfly and the 200 freestyle relay with juniors Klara Andersson, Johanna Gustafsdottir and freshman Jennifer Deist.



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Mark Rosenberg = owned by Cuban refugees.

What a game by T.y.!!! Hope RT is showing recruits that they can be the next star with hard work. Today it's Tourek's turn to have a good game.

Go FIU!!!

What a game by TY.. I actually saw some fans doing the "T.Y" arm movements after he scored. That is AWESOME..

How did Tourek play? I know S.D won the game but I did not actually see the game. Any sacks, tackles, etc?!?!

The Golden Panthers in the NFL are representing in big ways. Now we need Cip to get the Jaguars into bettter possition for 2014.

Go FIU..

CYP had great year and should see votes for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

David, can we please remove TSA Agent's hate filled comment? Cuban Refugees? Would you be so openly racist if you weren't hiding behind a screen name?

DP, first off I don't think it's hate and secondly you are asking DJN to censor content that is an opinion ?

Actually, a great story would be for DJN to interview President Rosenberg and ask him questions justifying Pete Garcia's ridiculous comp salary/job over the last 7 years. What are the benchmarks that Garcia has achieved that Mr. Rosenberg is so happy about ?

ConfUSA ? Right place and right time

Football ? Hired a guy who hasn't coached in a decade.

Baseball ? team has underachieved last 3 years

Basketball ? do we really need to explain ?

Soccer ? Regressed terribly

Track ? We used to have world class athletes

Women's Bball - irrelevant

Volleyball - successful coach quits because of Garcia

SAAC - academic support has been a total disaster

Compliance - almost non-existent

APR - struggling all around

Alumni/Student engagement - PISS POOR

Community Outreach - NONE

Fundraising - Limited to the AD's personal network

Athletic Director Strategic Plan - NO plan exists.

The bottom line is that FIU has been stealing from students and rewarding a snake-oil salesman with a comp package 85% funded with student fees because he has dirt on FIU's President. There is NO other explanation to justify Garcia's continued employment.

In my opinion, they are not firing Pete Garcia or Turner because they do not have money to replace them, and pay their salaries. FIU is running on a deficit, they are not making any money on their football program. FIU just paid 1.5 million dollar to buy out a frat house. They are $6 million under, and you want to fire Garcia, Turner pay them their salaries, and pay for new salaries for their replacements? It's not gonna happen, if it is; it would have already happened.

Does anyone know when Pete's contract expires? because that is when he will be gone.

DNJ, im sticking with one name. Happy new year.

The former AD of Louisiana-Monroe is already a paid staff member at FIU. With roughly 1/3 the budget of FIU Athletics, he saw football, baseball and men's basketball into the post season. He could take over the AD position without hiring additional staff. Also, keeping Garcia costs FIU far more than firing him, as he loses more and more money, requiring one of the highest percentages of student fees in the country, toward the athletics budget, just to keep the department running.

How does keeping Garcia going to cost more than to fire him? Isn't Garcia's contract guaranteed?

He continues to cost the university in lost revenue. Simple math. Once he's gone, many former financial supporters will once again contribute to the athletic department, for one example.

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