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Making A Move on Gardner; Coley again No. 1 scorer

The FIU coaching staffs Turners were up state Monday, trying to woo three-star running back Alex Gardner, a 5-10, 185-pound runner out of Jacksonville Raines, to FIU. Gardner was to visit FAU this weekend. Now, he'll visit FIU.

Gardner visited Wyoming last week. According to MaxPreps, he ran for 1,955 yards and 18 touchdowns his junior and senior years on 314 carries, 6.23 a pop. As far as catching the ball, his 29 receptions led to 359 yards and five touchdowns in that same two-year span.




Senior guard Jerica Coley bumped past Baylor's Odyssey Sims in the national scoring race to retake the lead in the category she won last year.

Coley's 38-point effort Saturday against Alabama-Birmingham put her at 30.0 points per game. Meanwhile, Sims suffered a seven for 27 shooting night against Oklahoma State, scoring only 17 points and dropping her to 29.7. That was Sims third game in the last four of 20 or fewer points. Baylor won two of those three games, one of which saw Sims play only 28 minutes as Baylor routed Kansas State.


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FIU Fanatic,

Thanks for the heads up. I did not know we picked up 6 o-lines already. What about D-line?? So darn important to have the big boys in the front put on the pressure..

I have to admit If you would have asked me 4 months ago that we were picking up this type of class (at least on paper rankings) after the season we had I would LMAO. Very proud of what the coaching staff is putting together. Keep working!!

Go Panthers!

Enjoyed the rundown in the Herald, DJN. Very interesting that Luke Medlock remains committed--if he does show up, it is certain that he will start...at punter at least.. And, unless my memory is faulty, the JUCO kid coming in would be the first able running back of real size in school history. The proof will be in next Fall's pudding, of course, but I agree that what has been going on in recruiting stands in stark contrast to all the gloom and doom posted on that score from the day this staff came on board. Refreshing.

Nice to see a potentially strong class coming in after the disaster that was last year. Always take the classes with a grain of salt but hoping Turner and his staff can turn it around. Still not convinced he's the right guy but will give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Interested to see how his first full recruiting cycle pans out.

DJN, have you heard of any possibilities of who will be replacing the UCF game?

It might be another FCS school. I don' think there was enough time to schedule a home and home, or a guarantee game, with a major FBS.

I think I posted here a couple of weeks ago that it was likely to be an FCS school for the simple reason that they've got Louisville, Pittsburgh and Bethune (which kicked their butt last year) already in the non-conference schedule. They need a probable punching bag. If they go into conference play at 0-4, good luck avoiding more embarrassing crowds and having to go to sponsors/donors to pick up the paid attendance slack.

With Louisville, Pitt and C-USA games I think scheduling a FCS school is a GREAT idea. I do not blame the coaches for taking that route. There are schools inside the Top 10 in the NATION that schedule FCS teams. If they go into Conference play 2-2 who knows what can happen.

Most importantly lets just develop this very young team into something that can be special in about two years.

Go Panthers!

It should be an FCS team. For some reason, I believe I saw or read something somewhere about being Wagner? At any rate, with Pitt and Louisville, besides Bethune Cookman coming to The Cage, some "almost guaranteed" wins are needed to be scheduled, especially comiing off a 1-11 season. I like what I see now.

Go Panthers

Let's schedule North Dakota State !!

I know that people were posting that FIU should take a money game, but I agree an FCS game is the way to go. By the way, the coaches aren't the ones scheduling the games. That's the AD.

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