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Report: Special teams coordinator Wolthausen to UConn

I've been wallowing in Dolphins, Heat and Orange Bowl stuff the last few weeks. The good folks at CoachingSearch.com say FIU special teams coordinator Kevin Wolthausen is headed to the UConn staff.

That's all. That and I expect free throw shooting will get some extra practice time after the FIU men blew Thursday night's game at Florida A&M on bad free throw shooting late in the game. 

Guys, keep it to one name in the Comments. 


FIU finished second to Michigan in the six-team Orange Bowl Classic swim meet. Senior Sonia Perez reeled off three third-place finishes -- the 400 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 200 Individual Medley.

Today, FIU hosts the FIU Invite at 1 p.m. 


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DJN, happy New year! Glad you're back. I actually enjoyed reading your work on Dolphins. For some reason, i refuse to read Dolphins news if a certain reporter writes on them(won't say name of who it is).

Did he leave to UConn to be special teams coordinator?

Last thing, I've enjoyed the back and forth in previous blog. Me personally, feel time for Dr. Rosenberg to make us all happy and fire PG. Maybe you could have poll on your blog and somehow get results to Dr. Rosenberg. Lol

Is his son in school in the northeast? Can't imagine anbody leaving this glorious weather to head to Connecticut. Unless this is a face saving move.

Dont know Coach Wolthausen, but I do know that he was one of the highest paid Assistant coaches on the staff. I also know that our Special team was probabley one of the worst parts of our team. I understand it will be a "rebuilding" phase for the next year or two but when your best Punter is your QB you can't be doing very good. When an Extra point is something to get excited about, you can't be doing very good either..

Good luck in Conn.

Go Golden Panthers!

Coach KW is going to be the DL coach. He has been DL coach in college and NFL so this is a promotion. Don't blame him for leaving.

Unfortunately, all he had to work with here was two horrible punters until Medlock was moved to ST. No field go kickers until Taylor finally improved by the end of the season.

So it is hard to judge his one year with the lack of talent inherited.

Good luck.

Here's some thought:
Wolthausen: special team coordinator-gone
Conklin-D coordinator. Good chance they leave also. 1 QB gone, the other two are looking to go, put a few others in there (Turner has blocked all in state transfers, which means NCAA appeal) and its a mess. Past or present staff, players grades, AD department, my fault, your fault everybody's fault. No mater who any of us point at its still a big cluster *+%€. It's going to take leadership with a planThat's not seen right now nor is that person there. And it doesn't look good.

Wolthousen was overpaid and overrated. Better kickers were on sidelines never got the chance.

Wow!!! First our starting punter announces he is transferring, then this????

There is no hope for FIU to double it's win total next year.

KW was overpaid for a Special Teams coach....but if you think there were kickers on the sideline you are blind.
I saw them in the spring and saw them again in camp. Sat next to DJN and laughed. Its incredible to think one of the kickers was the son of a former NFL kicker. He must have gotten his mothers leg.

DJN may not admit to laughing, but he can confirm us watching the OPEN practices..

Assistant coaches leave all the time at mid-major level. Even at the coral Gables school.

Transfers are always given restrictions to rivals, same conference, same state...lol there's no news here.

Now we know Jake is out...and good luck to him. Someone else has speculated that EJ is thinking about transferring. Sucks to lose local guy, but what has he done? If he goes it may be a good decision by him. Next year starter is not on campus yet...take your GUMP.

Anonymous, that's now your name. Stay with that.

Insider, there might be more staff leavings as staffs get put together at the NFL and college level, jobs open, etc. Normal stuff.

BigK, I went back and looked at my notes from practices as well as my blog posts. For all the faults of the special teams this season, they chose who punted and kicked correctly based on practice performance. You can fault them for not using Medlock as a punter earlier -- he outpunted everyone the occasional practice days he punted -- but that's about it. Especially among the specialists, you can't get outkicked/outpunted/outsnapped regularly in practice and expect to get playing time.


See how I didn't mention that you wore the same Brazil World Cup jersey twice in one week...lol.

Oops I just did, and I have the pic to prove.

I know what you are going to say... you own many fútbol jersey and they are similar.


So using the Miami Heralds tracking software its pretty easy to list the IP addresses and find out who has multiple personalities...lol


Thank God for IP addresses. Nothing more pitiful then one person tries to make it seem that there's a whole army of lunatics our there who share his exact same outlandish conspiracies.

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