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Seabury decommits; FIU offers Huggins; Spring Game April 12

Orlando Timber Creek Wide receiver Javonte Seabury, whom each recruiting site had as FIU's highest rated recruit, announced via Twitter that he's decommitted from FIU. Seabury flipped to FIU from Florida State late last summer. He had an official visit scheduled for this past weekend, but it was cancelled. 

Meanwhile, FIU threw an offer at Coconut Creek Monarch cornerback Ronnie Hoggins, Class of 2015, rated at three stars by Rivals.com and 247sports.com.


Look at the headline. That's all we know for now.


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They destroyed this program when they fired Cristobal. What an incredibly stupid, egotistic move by the University and AD.

Who did they think they were, UM ?

Too bad on Seabury. Class is looking good though. Let's keep it going coaches.

Go FIU!!!

Just for clarification purposes for your readers, DJN, just in case. Ronnie Hoggins is a Class of 2015 recruit, not 2014 who can sign in 2 weeks.

Looks like Nick Walsh/Patrick Bateman now has a new handle. Hello, Marios. Welcome to the band of un-merry men...

As per the Orlando Sentinal,Orlando Timber Creek Wide receiver Javonte Seabury decommited because of lack of interest/attention from the coaching staff. They had canceled his official visit and did not provide him with a reason. Then later never maintained contact regarding the rescheduled visit.Responsile for this, Kort Shankweiler recruiting coordimnator. What are these coaches doing? Fire these people. 1-11 and now everyone is decommiting, specifically our top recruit...seriously?

With all due respect, but Seabury's story does not add up. Just one day prior to the visit, he was all gung ho and tweeting with fellow FIU commits and others about his official visit to FIU, until he got the word of the cancellation on Thursday. Immediately, he tweeted something that has to be seen as admitting some type of wrongdoing or not doing enough, as a reason for the cancellation.

Tweets Jan. 16:

"Official visit got cancelled"

"If you don't live life the way god intended. He Will take from you what you love the most"

Remember schools can't comment publicly on a kid, but a kid can say whatever best accommodates to his interest in a public way. I'm not saying anything definitive, but you have to look at the history tract to find why it was done.

FIU Fanatic you are assuming.

Seriously, who cares if the kid decommits or if we cut him loose. Has anyone seen the caliber of kids that have committed in the last day? Tuner is as good as Seabury. Add in Adly & Napolean and we're even further ahead then where we were a few days ago.

Kudos to Tuner and coaches for closing strong. If that means we have to cut loose a few marginal reaches and replace them with studs being recruited by Miami, Virginia, Syracuse, Auburn etc, then so be it.

Reach your own conclusions. That same day, 3 recruits weren't allowed to go on official visits to FIU, the very last night prior to the visit. Read the tweets. Now, all 3 are former commitments as per PantherRage, FIU's Rivals.com page that is bringing in information others don't or can't.

Chris Nee, now from 247Sports recruiting website, is perhaps one of the most respected analysts in Florida, and his tweet puts it perfectly: "Javonte Seabury and FIU part ways". As you can see, it wasn't unilateral, at least from Javonte's side.

You don't have to be Einstein to see what is going on. Besides, we have now a commitment from Adly Enoicy, even higher rated than Seabury as a ESPN 4-Star player.

Getting Turner makes losing Seabury a wash. They're both rated similarly by ESPN. Adly takes it over the top. Now you add Napoleon Maxwell at running back, and our skilled positions are starting to look light years ahead of where we were last year.

I have a theory on some of the recent commits. Is it not possible that we took a shot at some of these kids we thought were long shots (Adly, Turner, etc.) and they surprisingly committed?

Knowing that we only have 25 spots, you have to cut some kids loose. So, maybe they cooled off on kids that are either a) not as good or b) high risk academic kids that may or may not get into school.

I just want FIU to recruit top caliber guys like the above mentioned.These coaches have to do better than 1-11 next year and not have an empty stadium on game days (pathetic). All I see is a program that has taken steps back. MC would have rebounded from a 3-9 season thats for sure! Lets hope for the best and support them but they have to do better.... oh yea fire ugly Pete!

Dennis Turner will add good depth and speed to the WR

Prey tell how he was going to rebound from 3-9. He was planning on going the juco route, but as you can see from last year's team, there were too many holes. He was looking at two new coordinators and a new system.

The only regret was that he wasn't given the chance to go 1-11, so that Team Mario bandwagon would have shrunk to just his wife and Nick Walsh/Patrick Bateman.

I think Dennis Turner ends up on the defensive side of the ball. I do hate seeing WR Seabury decommitte especially since I have no clue if WR Raheem Harvey is committed or not.

On a different topic, Why does it always seem when a guy from UM transfer, they never consider FIU. Malcom Bunche to UCLA, Storm Johnson to UCF, Robert Marve to Purdue.

Who the hell is Patrick Bateman lol

It doesn't happen as much as some might want, but it happens. Cory White transferred last year to FIU from UM, btw. Years ago, when FIU was still FCS (Div. I-AA back then), FIU got a transfer from UM in Jermell Weaver.

I have quit this board because DP and I are in love. We are getting married in September in Las Vegas. We will ask David Neal to serve as our minister.

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