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Seabury recommits?

As noted in the Comments section of the last post, I missed Saturday's Tweet from Orlando Timber Creek wide receiver Javonte Seabury that he's headed for FIU again.

Seabury decommitted after his official visit was cancelled just before it was supposed to happen. He told the Orlando Sentinel he did so because FIU stopped paying him enough attention. I heard FIU cut the visit in a concern about Seabury's academic standing.

If Seabury winds up coming to FIU, that puts more bullets in the big play gun FIU wants to fire more often than they did last year.


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Welcome back, Seabury. If he, Turner, and Enoicy follow through on signing day, will this be considered the best WR class in this program's short history?

Interesting tweet by Seabury the other day about him re-committing to FIU. I'd like to see more definitive info, maybe a short interview or something, as many of the other local recruiting journalists/recruiting analysts that promptly reported his decommitment haven't followed through on this latest tweet. Only you now, DJN.

If true Seabury is allegedly now coming to FIU, as DP mentioned the WR class would be very well thought of. We would have a UM decommitment (Turner), an FSU decommitment and former 4-star WR (Seabury), and a 4-Star WR in Enoicy. Add to that Jarviel Hart, a 1st Team All State (as a DB, though) athlete, and you have a solid, solid recruiting class in terms of wide receivers.

Yet, another local commitment for Coach Turner and FIU. This time it's Thomas Owens, a 6-1/185 WR/DB/QB from Atlantic HS in Delray Beach. He chose FIU over offers from UMass and Bowling Green, among others.

He is teammate of current FIU commit Adley Enoicy. A newspaper ranks Owens as Palm Beach County's overall #19 rated recruit, to go along with Enoicy's #9 ranking in the county. Not a bad haul from FAU's backyard, in my opinion.

With this commitment, FIU has now 15 local commits. Still, way more than FAU and any other college recruiting here. Never has FIU gotten 15 local signings in its history.

Welcome to FIU, Thomas!

Way to go, Coach Turner! Go FIU!

Love all the speed and athleticism but where is the BEEF in the D-Line and O-Line.. I know our entire O-line will be back next year and the year after since most of them are only Sophomores but you can NEVER recruit enough beef.

Same goes for good DB's that are over 6 feet tall. Our DB's have the speed to keep up with the best of C-USA but when they are matched in the corner of the endzone with a guy that is 6 inches taller its not a good day for FIU..

Go Panthers

Gooch, this class has already 6 OL commitments, which is the highest number of any unit.

How many scholarships are we allowed to give? I'm counting 28 guys at this point.

25 scholarship players per year.

25 is the scholarship limit. There's some preferred walk-ons in there. Also, they anticipate attrition in the last week.

Still trying to confirm Owens and, possibly, one more tonight.

Again, let's keep it to one name, folks. You know who you are...

DJN, that was me, that while signing in,inadvertently typed Football rather than Fanatic. You know I never do that, and my writing style is the same in every board I post. Just an honest mistake.

The posts with FIU Football tonig

Oops. Having trouble tonight with the computer. My bad. Every post by "FIU Football" tonight prior to this one is really by FIU Fanatic, as if anyone had any doubt.

OK. Just trying to keep things on the up and up. Your contributions are quite welcome here.

Your writing style isn't unique. Your speed of information is.

I understand and appreciate comments. Just wanted to set the record straight it was me and I never do that, at least knowingly. LOL.

But what I posted here is pretty much exactly what I posted in the other board, so people who have read my posts on recruiting could/would easily deduct it was me, or a double.

If all the key recruits stay on board, would this be (on paper) the best recruiting class in program history?

Give me some time to compare it to 2012.

I know for sure it's the best wr class. Hopefully, with EJ and 3 new qbs coming in, we have some talent to get them the ball and a scheme to get playmakers in space.

I like how this class is shaping up! Unfortunately the root cause of the dysfunction still present, the AD.

Can we just enjoy the moment of a happy recruiting day/class without bringing up the AD? We get it. People hate him.

We have to be the most miserable fanbase in existence. Any time we get the chance to talk about good things, someone pops in to p*ss in our Cheerios.

DP (aka Mr. Garcia's apologist), your analogy is nonsense. That's like saying "ignore the gash on the roof while the storm clouds approach, enjoying our new wooden floors!" In this scenario, the roof is beyond repair. We need a new AD.

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