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Skipping a year of UCF

UCF wants a week off after playing Penn State in Dublin, Ireland to open the 2014 football season. FIU, which UCF was scheculed to play on Sept. 6, couldn't accommodate.

So, let's calll the whole thing off...well, at least for 2014. The 2015 and 2016 games are still on the schedule.


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Thoughtful piece on the present status of UM football, DJN. Reminded me that once there were about half a dozen bowl games, too. Not that I am complaining that FIU got to go Beef O Bradying, mind you.

Why are they playing college games in Ireland? What is the point? $$$$$. Sad, but at least student athletes get to go to another country and visit.

Excellent column today on UM fans and the state of the football program. So true how modern communication has changed the sport of football. And probably all sports. I remember watching UM in the early 1980s (1981?) on TV. That was rare and everyone was talking about it.

Thanks for the compliments on the column.

Diagodog, there were always a bunch of bowls. Not as many as today, but the difference was not all of them were on national TV. Games like The Garden State Bowl or the Bluebonnet Bowl (later the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl when played in the Astrodome) would be syndicated. In Indiana, we didn't see the Holiday Bowl in 1978, but when Indiana was in the 1979 game, one of the local stations snagged it.

FIUtheproud, you might be remembering the 1980 UM-Florida game, which was the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. In 1981, UM beat then-No. 1 Penn State on national TV. I would swear they were on another time in 1981. But I remember where I was when I watched those two games. Also, hard to forget first seeing a team with a wide receiver with the last name "Shakespeare."

DJ Neal, nice column but it really only applies to local, unaffiliated UM fans. Miami's big alumni base in the northeast isn't nearly as entitled or demanding as local fans.

Miamians are widely recognized as the worst fans in the country, all sports college and pro. That's not likely to change anytime soon, unfortunately.

Miami (city of...) fans are bad but LA, Jacksonville & Tampa are worse.

Plus, we still have our AD!

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