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Tymell Thursday

The Knicks won; 15 rebounds; 22 points, 20 of them in the second half; a 71-60 FIU win over Rice in the Panthers' first ever Conference USA game.

Yeah, Thursday was a happy day for senior forward Tymell Murphy.

Freshman Jason Boswell set a school record as he went five for five from the line, stretching his streak to 27 consecutive free throws. Cameron Bell held the previous record, 24 in 2011-12. Dennis Mavin put in 16 points with nine boards.

FIU had only 10 turnovers against Florida A&M and six against Rice. They'll need to keep up that improvement Saturday at Louisiana Tech.



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Congrats coach on your first Conference USA win. This year is going to be a great foundation to build upon.

Congrats to the men's basketball team!

Tymell is a Brooklyn guy, so I forgive him...

Great win coach. Great hire by PG, but that Isaiah gamble....eek

I like what Coach Evans is building, too bad he STILL has Mr. Garcia as an AD.

iame someone for their mistakes, then you should also give credit for their successes. Isaiah, in retrospect, was a bad hire. But, he was followed up by Pitino and evans. Both solid hires. I also remember everyone bashing Pg for hiring another son of a famous coach, without later acnowledging that Pitino may have been the best young hire in this programs history.

I get it. Many don't like Garcia. Fine, but dont let your hate cloud your vision. He has made some quality hires as well.

Let's see where the basketball program is in three years before we start handing out Executive of the Year awards. The laws of averages and blind luck both dictate that there will be signs of improvement in all areas, from time to time. Basketball looks good, but how many coaches have we had in the past five years? Four? I'm not sure, but stability is one mark of a solid program. Football looks to have a great recruiting class, but that is in spite of PG, not because of him, when his hire was pretty much last on his list. I, for one, look for the bar to be set higher, not out of hatred for PG, but out of love for FIU and a desire for excellence. Currently, those are mutually exclusive attractions.

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