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3-star RB chooses FIU

Jacksonville Raines running back Alex Gardner declared via Twitter earlier today that he's committed to FIU.

For what ratings are worth, Gardner would be the highest rated running back recruited to FIU out of high school. ESPN.com and 247sports.com have him at three stars while Scout.com and Rivals.com have him at two. 


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I thought Turner's weakness was recruiting?

No knock on Gardner, but how does a RB who averaged less than 100 yards per game end up as the highest rated back in program history? Star ratings from guys who can't get a job on a coaching staff have always astounded me. Having said that, I trust Turner's judgment and am excited to see a serious bounce this season.

If recruiting is his weakness than I guess we are doing pretty good. As long as this lids stay committed for the next 4 days we should be looking pretty good in a pair of years. Now we just have to do some old fashion good coaching and things can start looking better.

Go Panthers!

Amazing class...
Light at DT, but you can't recruit every position in every class....so hoping that Albury the West Virginia transfer fill the void left by Greg and Isame. the roster in general is light at defensive tackle again.

also per twitter we have lost out on former FSU, former FIUx2, WR Javonte.

looks like he is going to Western Michigan University, MAC.

Sounds like a good catch. I still wonder what is in Turners mind regarding the QB situation. As DJN points out, seems unlikely that the only returner at the position could be a lock to start, not when that guy was a second stringer--as evidenced by the coaches themselves--for the worst offense in the nation. Is one of these early enrollees really all that? Will a juco rabbit be pulled out of a hat on Wednesday? All makes me think there was something that never came out regarding Medlock's transfer.

It's telling that the three qb commits all ran a pro style offense in hs. Don't be shocked if you see Mcgough or Martin to start the season.

Medlock was a Pro-Style qb in HS too... both he and Luke played under their fathers system. However Jake missed his Senior yr due to injury... Redshirted his first year under Satterfield's spread offense. Was backup to WC under the spread, was starter from Cramsey's Oregon of the East spread offense, and struggled with Turners Pro-Style after being away from that system for almost 4 yrs including lost HS year.

Its going to be open competition In April at QB with a slight edge to EJ due to familiarity. But once camp starts in August the real battle for the spot will be on.

We lost two big WR commits this weekend. So player development, WR Turner & the other WR recruits, along with getting Glenn Coleman back will be very important.


Did we cool on Javonte because of grades?

FWIW, on the subject of grades being worthless, only ESPN appears to have him listed as a 3-star. Everybody else says 2.

No, miacane, 247sports.com also has him listed at three stars, both in their own rating and in their composite rating that takes several sites into account. Chris Nee, who used to be with Rivals, is 247sports.com's key guy now.

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