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JoGus resets a record, FIU gets a 2nd & 7th

The first day of the Conference USA Swimming & Diving Championships showed a couple of things hadn't changed much from the Sun Belt Championships.

1. The live stats ran on Miami time. Hours after the swimmers left the pool and finished demolishing dinner, the live stats said the last completed event was the men's 1-meter diving, the third of Wednesday's five events.

2. Johanna Gustafsdottir is still FIU's best swimmer, possibly the best FIU swimmer ever.

FIU finished second in the 800 freestyle relay to Rice by 1.14 seconds, 7:12.29 to 7:13.43, with Gustafsdottir leading off with a 1:46.9 leg, knocking 1.1 seconds off her school record, set at last year's Sun Belt meet. Leadoff times in the 800 free relay can be used as 200 free times for record purposes.

One of the two relays I thought FIU would take turned into a tremendous group duel with Rice. Gustafsdottir finished her leg second to Rice's Casey Clark by a breath, 0.26 seconds. Sophomore Becky Wilde knocked a millimeter, 0.05 seconds, off the margin. Senior Sonia Perez Arau pushed FIU into a narrow lead in the middle 50s of her leg before handing junior Nadia Farrugia a virtual match race, a 0.05 deficit, with Rice senior Karina Wlostowska, an ace anchor for the Owls the last two years. What little margin Wlostowska came home with she got in the third 50, which she left with a 1.12 second lead.

While the 800 relay finished exactly where seeded, the 200 medley relay came home seventh in 1:43.93. To be fair, the relay team that swam the fourth-best seed time of 1:42.76 -- Gustafsdottir, junior Klara Andersson, freshman Jennifer Alfani and freshman Jenny Deist -- at the Mizzou Invite in November wasn't Wednesday's C-USA team. This time, Alfani was the leadoff backstroker, instead of backstroke motorboat Gustafsdottir, and freshman Therese Nord was on butterfly, where Alfani, this year's fastest butterflier, had been.

Rice won that relay, too, at 1:39.33.



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Very nice breakdown of the Swimming Championship. Where is the C-USA Championship being held this year??
Good luck today and Friday to the Lady Panthers!

Do you think the Herald & you can put a good story (longer than 3 sentences in length) about the renaming of the Softball Field for FIU. On the March 8th double header the FIU Softball team will rename their field after FIU Alum and American hero 2nd Lt. Micheal Felsberg. There is going to be a nice crowed of Alums that are planning on going to the game. Should be a very good size crowed for a softball game and probably very emotional for Mr. & Mrs Felsberg.

You don't see to many stories about naming a field after a person that NEVER played or coached the sport that is nominating him. Im sure you can put together a great story about this historical moment.

Go Panthers..

Hopefully the Felsbergs get treated a little better in the Herald write up then Dennis Wiseman did. And he was a former player.

Considering that the Felsbergs are honorable people, unlike the predator who used his position as a high school instructor to have sex with underage students, I have no doubt DJN will treat them with respect. What objection do you have with pointing out that someone is a registered sex offender? Should his alumni status cause us to disregard what is public knowledge?

My objection was that it was 20 years ago and the man paid for his sins. I'm sure he has a family now and did not deserve having his life put on blast because someone asked him to throw out a first pitch and that the person writing about it has an agenda against people within the FIU athletic department.

What if you were forever judged by the worst moment of your life? Would you enjoy taking shrapnel as a bystander in a feud?

What exactly did DJN hope to accomplish by highlighting this guy's past and that he thew out a first pitch? Was it intended to embarrass the man and his family just because you had access to look it up on public records? Was it intended to embarrass officials?

It reeks of vindictiveness, and has no place in the world of so called impartial journalism. A story like that proves to me that there is no truth when a writer claims that it's not personal and that he doesn't have an agenda. Other journalists were forwarded the same information, and none of them chose to run with it. That's telling.

Years ago, Miami had a pedophile as their football SID. Their football season poster featured a former player in Michael Irvin, who had a history of drug abuse and allegations of sexual assault. Not once did the Herald profile these instances as an indictment of judgment by those working in the department. I've been to as many Miami baseball games, as I have FIU ones. Miami has tons of sponsors/donors throwing out first pitches. You mean to tell me that they vet every single individual to determine if they ever did anything illegal/immoral within the past 25 years?

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