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Nice debuts: Texeira & softball stadium

Swung by the renovated softball stadium for a few half-innings Saturday. The new press box, at field level, puts you pretty much in the backstop position. 

The first games at FIU Softball Stadium, the Felsberg Memorial, were this weekend's coming out for freshman first base Stephanie Texeira also. The Panthers went 4-1, losing only 1-0 to DePaul in the championship game. Texeira, a Gulliver Prep graduate, went 10 for 14 with four extra base hits (all doubles) and five RBI. 

For this, Texeira was named Conference USA Player of the Week.


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I love that the Softball team (after changing coaching staff) still keeps the Felsberg Memorial tournament going.

Mike Felsberg was a teammate and a great friend while we competed at FIU (Cross/Track). Not only did he graduate with a 4.0 GPA but he was also All-Conference in the "Indoor 5000m".. He won the "FIU Spirit Award" three or four times while he was at FIU (something that has not been matched ever since). Than he VOLUNTEERED to go to Iraq after graduation and gave the ultimate scarifies.

One funny softball memory I will never forget is when he was kicked out of a game for arguing calls with the umpire. I think he is one of the few people that cheered so hard during a softball game that he was asked to leave. Greatest hero I have ever met in my life. Love and miss you Fels..

Go Panthers..

Love that story Gooch7! He was AND continues to be inspirational!

Good stuff, Gooch7. Thanks for sharing that story about Felsberg and his passion for FIU and sports in general.

We need many more Felsberg's and hopefully we'll continue to develop that type of support! Not easy with our AD.

BTW DJN, I believe the last name is Texeira instead of Texiera. I know it's not a biggie, just for the benefit of Stephanie. Thanks for the reports.....

Go Panthers!

nice post on Felsberg. I would not have realized.

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