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FIU fries Rice, 85-65

Guard Taylor Shade, forward Arielle Durant and forward Tynia McKinzie all were in double figures for FIU Tuesday afternoon against Rice. You know Jerica Coley was, even though Rice held her to four points in the first half. That's why FIU stomped Rice 85-65 in Tuesday's first round of the Conference USA tournament at UTEP.

FIU faces East Carolina Wednesday at 3:30.

Despite sitting on Coley, Rice was getting drilled 37-28 at halftime because the support cast that let FIU down when the Panthers saw Rice in January rose up and smote the Owls several mighty blows. While Shade had 18 points, McKinzie 16 (with 11 rebounds) and Durant 14 to go with the 20 Coley eventually ended with, this time it was Rice star Jessica Kuster who wound up unsupported. Kuster had 26 points and 11 rebounds or exactly 40 percent of Rice's offensive output. Those are numbrers usually associated with Coley.

Coley now has 3,012 points, the 10th player in NCAA history with 3,000 career points.

This will be the second time this season FIU plays East Carolina and, coincidentally, the second time they do so right after playing Rice. FIU won 76-75 at The Branch in January.


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Congratulations to Jerica. Must feel totally awesome to hit that mark!

Congrats to Coley!

Nice article on Felsberg! Very good read, glad FIU honored him.

Go FIU!!!

The good news for FIU keep coming..

First FIU had an outstanding ceremony on Sunday to honor Fels by renaming the Softball field. The ceremony was emotional and exciting at the same time. Big credit goes to the Athletic Dept for putting all of that together and still remembering Fels after 10 years.
"Make it a great one"..

Coley might not had 40points but our Lady Panthers pulled through to the next round. They are one win away from the quarter finals in C-USA.. Can someone say "March Madness".. Keep the dream alive ladies.

Go Panthers!

Btw Im sure anytime we beat Rice in any sport we are going to see the very creative title of "FIU Fried Rice"..

As long as we are winning you can get as creative as you want..

With an average game, Coley could be 5th all time on NCAA scoring list. What an incredible accomplishment.

DJN, one question. How does the AP and ESPN have stories on Coley surpassing the 3,000 point mark and the Herald couldn't offer more then three sentences?

No. 1, ESPN ran AP's story. No. 2, AP is at every conference tournament game, men and women. Example: AP sent Tim Reynolds across the state to cover Florida Gulf Coast's games in the Atlantic Sun tournament. The AP writer grabbed the obvious storyline on a game between the Nos. 12 and 13 seeds. That's what AP does. Many members of the Associated Press aren't staffing said tournaments with their own beat writers (if you have to ask why, simply look at the attendance and interest. Pretty high cost/benefit ratio...).

Why didn't we run more of the AP's story? I don't know. I wasn't on the desk last night.

And, no, Gooch, I won't use the "fried Rice" headline often despite my love of Chinese shrimp fried rice and my own salt-and-pepper heavy fried rice.

That explains it. Thank you.

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