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FIU Pro Day

It's not on the NFL.com website list of Pro Days yet, but FIU's will be April 3. That's when defensive linemen Greg Hickman and Isame Faciane run through football's Underwear Olympics for NFL scouts.




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Probably the wonderful AD is not allowing the promotion of Pro Day because ... who the heck knows!!!

Now you're just grasping for straws

the reason its not on the list of pro days on NFL.com is because the clowns at FILOL are holding their pro day the same day as UM… just another way FILOL is trying to compete with UM… they really need to stop.. they will never be UM academically or athletically… making the campus bigger is the least of things to be proud of…

Again the reason its not listed with the other pro days is because it is the same day as UM and probably other bigger, quality schools…

The other reason its probably not listed is because FILOL doesnt have any real talent or quality prospects on the team… they may have a few seniors and draft eligible guys that had good seasons… but its still FILOL and CUSA and they suck so why would NFL scouts waste their time on these clowns who cant even get their own students to come to their games even when its free.. FILOL may have had a few prospects make it to the NFL the last few seasons, but outside of hilton and hauptmann who are really over-achievers … FILOL has no relevant NFL players and soon enough hilton will be figured out and have an irrelevant , short career. stop blaming the AD for everything FILOL is just garbage

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