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FIU women through to TV & Middle Tennessee

Jerica Coley's teammates didn't have the greatest home finale or regular season finale. But they're more than making up for it at the Conference USA tournament.

Playing better than they have all season in successive games, FIU's Upset Special kept a-rollin' Thursday with a 69-55 win against No. 4-seeded Tulane. That's the third consecutive higher seed that FIU's made vulnerable to the old FHSAA tournament chant, "Get your hat...your coat...and LEAVE!"

Now, FIU faces No. 1 seed Middle Tennessee State at 11 a.m. Friday live on CBS Sports Network in a game that matches the team with the Conference USA Preseason Player of the Year (Coley) against the team with the Player of the Year (Ebony Rowe). Middle knows better than to take FIU lightly.

During the regular season, Middle beat the Panthers at The Branch 65-58, giving up 29 points to Coley but holding everyone else under double figures. FIU actually led 25-24 at the half. Last year, in the Sun Belt Tournament sayonara for each, after splitting during the regular season, FIU lost to Middle 68-59.

Thursday, FIU again shot well from the field, 28 of 56, but really sat on Tulane defensively, holding the Green Wave to 31.8 percent shooting from the field. This time, FIU owned the defensive boards getting 33 there, getting only five fewer offensive rebounds than Tulane did defensive rebounds. Tynia McKinzie had 10 rebounds to go with her 15 points. Coley and junior guard Kamika Idom came down with eight rebounds each. Taylor Shade had 13 points.

Of course, to paraphrase an old Soviet hockey coach about Bobby Hull, Ms. Coley, she got her points -- 34. She needs 28 against Middle to move into fourth all-time in NCAA scoring.




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David, when is the Herald going to spend some dollars and send you to cover this amazing story. The number 13 seat is playing in the semifinals, with one of the top female player in the country breaking all kinds of records. Would you be covering it from Miami if it was UM????

^^^not a good question. Because we all know the answer...

The better question is; now that the Herald has chosen not to cover the CUSA women's tournament, will FIU have coverage in the Baseball Series against #Top25 Rice?

The Herald will spend the money to send me to El Paso to cover Jerica Coley and the team when more FIU fans spend the time and money to watch even one game of the women's team here. Or, take the time to click on articles about the team.

I've covered many FIU women's games over the last three years. Not many have had an actual attendance over 300 unless they were part of a doubleheader with the men's team. None of the stories on Jerica, regular season games, the WNIT games got many clicks. Few drew e-mails. No surprise. Men's college hoops in this town doesn't draw much interest. Women's draws less.

If it were UM in the ACC semis, would we hustle someone there? Doubtful. More likely, we'd pay a stringer. Maybe for the ACC final, but, again, if we found a good stringer, why spend $400 (plane/hotel/food) and lose someone for 2-3 days instead of $200 on something with niche-of-a-niche appeal?

Chia, yes, we're there this weekend. I'm there Saturday and Sunday. Someone else will be Friday while I'm standing in covering the Panthers sur la glace.

Lol..I honestly did not think you would reply to this one cause really I was just trying to be an @ss. Lol

But now that you have....

Yes I knew the answer, particularly as it pertains to the women's sporting events. And fully agree with paragraph 1&2.

But, recent history shows how the UHerald covered the UM women's tournament...


The Herald did not send someone, but did pick up an AP article to post ($100-$200). FIU has played and won now three tournament games and not one AP article.

Lets not pretend we are treated equally....
"Let me tell you good people something..." -Pete Pelegrin.

I'll see you at the diamond series this weekend. I'm going to squeeze in some innings between my daughters basketball tournament games.


I give you the point on attendance, but I didn’t know that the Herald measures interest by how many clicks a story gets online, if that’s the case why print the paper at all? Yes we are lousy fans, and we have the worse sport marketing department in the history of college sports. We are also over 100,000 FIU alumni leaving in South Florida and our school is the 7th largest in the country with a student body over 50,000. All potential Miami Herald readers.

Chia, you're a great FIU fan. Your knowledge of my business is about as limited as Ron Turner's offense was last year.

ALL the stories you've seen from the Conference USA tournament have been AP stories, just like the one you linked to from the ACC tournament. We don't pay extra for those. When I say "paying a stringer," I mean you find a reporter in the area that you know, trust or can just tolerate, you pay them $100-$200 to cover the game like they're from your paper. The byline in that case runs as "Jeff Shain, Special to The Herald" (in the case of the former Herald staff writer who covered Miami Country Day's girls basketball team winning state for us). We didn't pay a stringer for the article to which you linked and, heck, that's UM and FSU, two local fan bases that make their presence known more than FIU.

Rusty, your logic is not. So the fact that we print a paper AND run articles online mean we should just dismiss a measurement of interest? Yes, we count story clicks, just like every other site. We count unique blog clicks, too. For print, the tracking isn't as immediate. But do you think FIU coverage sells enough papers that we can measure the effect? I look at e-mails also. Example: No. of e-mails, positive or negative, on the Felsberg story + no. of e-mails on the last story I did on Jerica and her aunt = Zero. Which brings me to how tired I am of hearing how many students FIU has and how many alumni FIU has when that's just more people who don't go to games and don't read stories.

Stop talking about how big you are and do something with it.

Djn, I would think you would get more hits if you would let the people keep using multiple screen names like before with the crazies. I kid I kid. See you Saturday at the game. We will give you comments before during and after the game. Tom tucker will be there also covering it

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