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Got a $1 million for women's sports?

What Senior Associate Athletic Director Bobby Staub didn't get to tell the Athletics Committee meeting two weeks ago, FIU's athletic department announced Friday: a campaign to raise $2 million for projects having to do with the softball, golf, track, sand volleyball, tennis and swimming & diving teams.

As I put on the blog a week and a half ago, FIU says they've got $1 million of the money raised.

Softball and golf will get new locker rooms, a lounge and golf gets a new putting and pitching practice area. Track's throwers, now practicing in that field between The Branch and the soccer field (no improvements for that, same as it ever was), will get a practice area with the appropriate cages and rings. Sand volleyball and tennis get new locker rooms. The water women get a new scoreboard over at the Biscayne Bay campus pool.



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Seeing that the women's programs are consistently more successful, record and championship-wise, they should be getting more moolah. Make the men's sports start earning their keep on the field.

If FIU really wants to raise some big money it needs to start a FIRE PETE GARCIA campaign. Watch how the dollars roll in for that findraiser.

Welcome back, Patrick. You were not missed.

I love my Patrick. He is smart. He will watch as Garcia gets canned. Maury is in hot water with Daddy. Maury will not protect his boozy friend.

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