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Perez 13th at NCAAs, makes FIU history; open football practices

Senior Sonia Perez Arau's 13th place in the 400 individual medley Friday night, in 4:10.17, at the NCAA Championships was the first time an FIU swimmer scored points at the NCAA meet.

The previous highest placing by an FIU swimmer was 18th by 200 breaststroke school record holder Sara Giavannoni in 2007. 


FIU decided to open the doors to those willing to skip Saturday morning cartoons (they still have those on some channel, right?) for spring football. The practices Mar. 22 and Apr. 5, which start at 10 a.m., will be open to the public just like the previous practices essentially were to students who had classes at La Cage.


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Considering the great marketing by someone on opening the practice the night before it, what's the over/under on how many fans show DJN? More or less than the 97 at baseball?

Less -- there weren't 97 last year when there were open practices and everybody knew about them.

Be nice if there were more than that at the Sunday baseball game vs. Marshall, though.

DJN, section 135 will be at open practice tomorrow. Ready to see our boys get better. We'll be there at 9:15am. Feel free to stop by, we'll have croquetas, pastelitos and chia's famous mimosas. Lol

^^^best part, we can give you quotes from section 135 members, incase you can't get quotes from anyone at FIU

DJN, maybe a new who done it book? " The Great FIU Conspiracy", just a thought.

FIUJM, I won't be there. But I will be having mimosas somewhere...:)

Chia will send you the breakdown djn

Nice sweep by FIU baseball! Keep it going boys, 20-4!!!

Former Panther great Charles Payne looks great on the Stanford bench. Way to go Cardinal and on to the sweet 16,

Charles Payne = Class Act Golden Panther!

No coverage for Saturday practice or baseball's sweep of Marshall??

You want coverage DP? From the Herald? que es eso?

Isn't it amazing, DP, what happens to the coverage when the guy who allegedly has an agenda against FIU commits the sin of actually not working during his scheduled days off or even going on vacation (whether or not that vacation involves leaving my fantastic neighborhood)?

It's ok not getting coverage sometimes. When we got coverage we got swept by Rice.lol

FIU football practice was good. Alex looks like our future and Our WR's are going to be good next yr. good competition will happen among our receivers.

Go FIU!!!

There's that old saying in football, "You're only as good as your quarterback". Sadly, it's been proved true in our case. True Freshmen quarterbacks have made impacts on their team before. Here's hoping this is the case this year, as EJ has shown me nothing that tells me he's a lock for our future.

Too bad Hilliard has never lived up to the hype, including that of certain Herald scribes. But you are right that it all starts with QB, DP. It will be up and down with a freshman but I think that is where we are headed.


You and I sat there watching the Scrimmage... what did you see in the receivers that I couldn't?

MSU transfer Juwan Ceaser looked good in one on ones... as did Shugg...and Coleman. Coleman looked the best but holding our breaths for GC & WW is not something I recommend. Other guys were like last year.

Can't wait to see the freshmen too...


^^^you're on point with receivers. We also still have Porter, Burrows and Lowder in additions to names you mentioned. Those three got some action in scrimmage. And like Fanatic pointed out, James Louis in the roster. IMO The freshmen that will make some noise is Dennis Turner.

What I caught from scrimmage is how much better defense is with Richard Leonard playing CB. We missed that guy last year. He is a heck of a cover corner and if I recall, can be a returner.

I just dont think any of those receivers are difference makers. If we have someone capable at QB, then the team will be middling. If the play at that position equates to last year's, watch out. We can hope that the OL will be improved, but they will not be game changers all by themselves.

,,,with the possible exception of Coleman, assuming he makes grades, maintains attitude, and shows up in august. Fingers crossed here.

FIU baseball won last night to USF 9-0. Record is 21-4!!!

Diagodog, definitely agree Coleman will be a huge plus if he is eligible to play. Don't sleep on Ceasar and Shug. Ceasar has huge frame and good hands. Shug was strong coming out of high school but even looks bigger now, perfect size and speed combo to be good at slot position. I'm expecting big improvement from Shug this year. And If Lowder and Rhymes don't drop balls they can help too. You're right that at the end of the day it depends on o-line and qb, but they also need playmakers. Not having Coleman and WW last year hurt the QB play. We didn't have much experience at WR position, this year we should be much improved.

It sucks to see multiple articles about UM Baseball and football every single day and not get a sniff of an article for FIU.

I get all the back and forth and reasons, blah blah blah. It's just that it's finally an exciting time for FIU sports with baseball doing well and Spring Football with two freshmen QBs that by all accounts are doing well. If you only read the Herald, you'd have no idea that this program even existed.

The only way to get covered is if there's any more controversies, etc. Maybe we should begin manufacturing stuff WWE style. Build up fake hype, a fake death, a surprise reappearance and a fan favorite turning his back on the Panthermaniacs...

^^^ funny..... sad... and partially true

DJN should have someone good fill in when he's on vacation but it won't happen because we're FIU. Hope he's enjoying time off.

Him being on vacation and having no coverage is better than having someone who hates us cover us(no names).

FIU doesn't need manufactured news from its AD Pedro Vince McMahon Garcia. Here's news fire the overpaid AD and watch how the morale of the program improves and donations from alums start rolling in.

Pedro McMahon Garcia is the wrestling villain holding FIU athletics back.

Hey Patrick, say hi to Nick Walsh for me. Oh, wait...

Now we go to MeaN Gene...

Ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhh. Time to get macho man randy savage, the rowdy rod piper and Jim hacksaw involved.

What you gonna do when Garciamaniacs runs wild on you?????

DJN, what happened to Bowling Green transfer Anthon Samuel? You had previously reported that he would be joining the team in Spring 2014.

Good question. Maybe he is wearing James Louis' number?

By the way, DJN, you need to come back soon. The evil; ones have begun to slither under the firewall once again and it is no longer safe to stroll about the countryside.

Sad how last coverage on FIU page of Herald is article about us trying to bounce back from Rice series. Something doesn't smell good, do you know what the Herald is cooking Jabroni???

I believe that they are cooking up a great big mess of "We don't give a crap," seasoned with a dash of "the guy we pay money to write about you all is on vacation," and a nip of "we will teach you to criticise us for running a piece of yellow journalism about your athletic program staff, or lack thereof." Tastes like castor oil to me.

^^^ you forgot the secret ingredient a splash of "your 120000+ alumni don't give a crap" BAMM! They just went Emeril!!

Funny chia.

Garcia's says :

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

Our AD knows what he's doing. Lol

Stevie wonder working in a fine China store does a better job than our athletic director. Hay que cagar... Do not speak about Donna that way. Certain people on this board that are current UM employees will not appreciate that. Especially the PG homer that is on this board. "Do you smell what the PG is cooking. CRAP".

Southpaw, they traded the transfer for the new gold unis you desired. The crazies have taken over the asylum while djn is out. SHAMBA!!!

i think some of you people are insane.

In the words of Ric Flair..........WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

In Weasley mind he thinks he's The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be At covering FIU sports.

JM.... I think pg Guerrero lives by the phrase of "Lie, Cheat and Steal" instead of hustle loyalty and respect

What are you guys talking about? Pedro Garcia is the AD to lead FIU to the next level of college spor........ Hahahahahaha, sorry I couldn't stop from laughing when I tried to finish that sentence.

Good one Bateman, he's Mr. Perfect!!!

And That's the Bottom Line, Because PG Stone Cold Said So!!

Who gets fired first. Turner or el Cheapo Pg. Hey dp, you going to hang out and schmooze with pg at the spring game just like you did at the basketball games? Wear a prettier shirt next time. Maybe one of your employer? Hey Patrick, he is leading us to the next level. We have good marketing going on. We have the baseball team on flannigans coasters pipo. Can't go wrong with "famous joes meat falls of the bone ribs". I'd expect pg marketing hooters or the pink pony. That loyalty card must be full

Forgot to continue the wrestling phrase that sums up PG Ric flair. 'I'm a Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin'...mamon

PGs next head coaching hire WILL BE BUTCH DAVIS. "Everybody's Got A Price For The "half-Million Dollar Man (AD)!"

Just When You Think You Know the Answers, Pg Changes the Questions.

Ooooohhhh yeah, DJN dig it?

This is the best comment thread in a looooong time.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you now, the men that wake women up, put men to sleep, and strike fear in the hearts of football teams all over the world, Pete "beatuiful" Garcia and "Loverboy" rosenberg, The Medianoche Express

"The Medianoche Express 3:16 will whoop your @ss!" 'Cause Stone Cold Garcia Says so!"


PG Jericho has come to save the blog!!!

WWE Slammy Award goes to the naming of the Medianoche Express.

"whether DJN likes it, or does not like it, he better learn to loooooove it! wooooo! PG FLAIR

pete garcia is a pig

The Medianoche Express beats up on any comment ever made on this blog lol

The Undertaker coming for Degeneration Section 135!!!

PG asked Patrick Bateman...
What's your name Jabroni...
And before Patrick could say "Pa..."

Snap into PG's slim jeans


Ravishing PG Rude

Latino, HEAT. Latino, HEAT. Latino, HEAT. Latino, HEAT!


In honor of Southpaw, FIU's official wrestler is:

They Stole My Gold..dust

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