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Second Day of Spring on the First Day of Spring

Only a couple of things from this morning's practice...

E.J. Hilliard looked more consistently accurate this morning than Tuesday, at least in one-on-one drills.

Cornerback Wilkinson Myrtil picked off another sideline route, this time from quarterback Alex McGough. Both interceptions, the one today and the one of Hilliard on Tuesday, came off sideline throws to kicker-playing-wide receiver Cody Hodgens.

I was notified early in practice that head coach Ron Turner would not be speaking to the media post-practice. I was informed later no players would be speaking, either. And so does The Cone of Silence get lowered...



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Guess PG took exception to the 97 people at the baseball game remark, too. Petty, petty flame war.

If that is indeed the case (cone of silence), I'm sure it has a lot more to do then the 97 people at the baseball game remark.

The pettiness continues from Herald and PG. Can't we all just get along? Except for AB, we can't get along with him. lol

Tell us your theory dp

The Wiseman article probably has a lot to do with it. I've heard that there were a lot of people upset with that one, and not just athletics officials but key university folks.

I'm sure it also has to do with the general perception (regardless of whether it is true or not) that DJN has at times taken unnecessary shots at people. The thought is, would the Herald have taken those same shots at the Univ. of Miami? For example, when the national media was beating Miami up over the Shapiro scandal, there were Herald writers who took a positive stance in their reporting. That would not have happened if it were FIU.

When you don't have a platform to fight back (the Herald is always going to side with their writer, and rightfully so), what other way is there to show your dissatisfaction then to limit access? If you feel like you're only going to be covered negatively, then why be covered at all?

It's not like the Sentinel is covering FIU, where they could then show that writer a little more love.

Anyway, that's my conspiracy theory. I may be right, or completely off the mark. Either way, it's what I think.

The Herald didn't take a shot at FIU. The facts were reported; that's all. If any shot was fired, it was a self inflicted wound from FIU. The choice for first pitch of the season needs to be held up to at least the minimal level of scrutiny that the first page of a Google search provides.

Miami had Michael Irvin on their football poster a few years back. He also was in their tv commercials. He'd been convicted of cocaine use in addition to countless other drug possession charges. He's also been accused of physical & sexual assault on different occasions, settling out of court in two instances. Where was the uproar from the Herald when he was front and center in all of their marketing pieces?

By the way, their football SID at the time was also convicted of having child pornography on his work computer, hidden among various football statistics files. His termination and arrest was barely a blip on their print radar.

You're naive to think there isn't a double standard to some degree.

And for the record, other media outlets were also fed the Wiseman first pitch information. The Miami Herald was the only one to run with a story, as the rest declined to even address the issue.

I agree with a lot of the decisions & stories written by the Herald, but there are also times that I disagree. And this is one instance where I don't think it was news.

No. 1: first pitch & framed jersey.

No. 2: The football SID story was fully reported by us at the time and we followed him through to his sentencing. It's been referred to several times since by us when similar situations occurred elsewhere. Your research is faulty.

No. 3: You make the comparison to how The Herald handled Irvin on UM posters. The fact that we don't make people sign up as registered substance abusers kind of tells you the law and society in general kind of looks at doing blow as a little different than doing the nasty with a minor (when you're 29).

No. 5: The rest of the outlets declined to even address the issue because you barely exist to them. Know how many South Florida newspaper, radio and TV outlets were at FIU Baseball Stadium last Saturday and Sunday for what looked like an interesting series? One. How many of them were at the Felsberg Field dedication (on a day all were nearby at Doral)? One. In each case, the same one that wrote about Wiseman.

Sorry, I skipped No. 4:

Bobby Orr.

There is zero doubt anyone else cares about us. But let's be real. Neither does the Herald. After all, they send us DJN who would rather be anywhere else but covering FIU. And when he is there, he points out every negative point and takes several cheap shots first before he gets to the "reporting".

I understand you don't like your job, DJN, but that's your problem. Be professional or find another job.

Yep, I hate my job. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Hate that it gives me a blog. Hate that the athletes I deal with tend to be happy, optimistic young people. Hate that I have a smorgasbord of sports to cover. Hate that I'm not sitting in a windowless room in Davie, waiting to talk to nice, but semi-depressed adults in the midst of another season of failure. Hate that covering FIU usually works out well with drop off and pickup.

Oh, gosh, I can't take it any more! Adam, Adam, let's swap back!


I would finally start reading Dolphins updates from Herald if swap happens. Beautiful thing about swap would be AB getting heckled by Section 135 everytime he goes to FIU.

Please swap!!! DJN you know you're one of the best writers Herald has. I can envision you going national and still having your laughs at FIU.

FIUJM, thanks for the compliment.

Stop with Herald bashing. You sound ridiculous DP. DJN is a fantastic journalist. We are lucky to have him. I will take him over most of the other herald reporters that's for sure. Some of you guys are too self-centered to see reality. I think that what FIU has accomplished in it's short history is amazing but this doesn't mean we have reached the kind of response or even scrutiny that you guys think we merit. Start filling up the stadium and other venues and we will reassess. If we don't get more and better coverage then we can bring out the pitchforks and hunt DJN down on South Beach.

I suspect that "key university folks" are at least as upset with the knucklehead who overlooked Wiseman's misdeeds as they are with DJN reporting on them. I don't think Ed Pope would have stooped to such a story, but my feeling is if you can't stand the stink then keep it out of your kitchen.

Diagodog: You don't know Edwin Pope.

Whosehouse: Believe what you want. But stay with that name.

Been with this name for quite some time. I am sure you can look it up. I've been following this blog for a long time. Although, I must admit, it gets tougher and tougher to read this stuff. I am willing to bet your blog numbers are a fraction of what others used to produce.

Actually, you used to post under the name "Pike" from the same e-mail address.

Yes, they are a fraction. I think the fractions range from 9/8 to 8/3, depending on the month. Not that greater breadth of readership=greater quality. If you like one or several of my predecessors better, rock on.

You have your story and you are sticking to it, DJN, no one should expect anything else. But I do know Edwin, and I am sticking to mine. Want to just leave it at that?

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