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April 03, 2014

Stars of Pro Day


Defensive tackles Greg Hickman and Isame Faciane doing three of the first four drills at FIU's Pro Day.

Football practice report

It was closed. And, Ron Turner wasn't speaking to any outside media after practice. So, any complaints about the lack of a Herald blog report or story on FIU's practices, please call or e-mail Camp Mitch.

FIU's Pro Day is later this afternoon.

Friday presents an interesting dilemna for the discerning FIU fan. At 7-5 in Conference USA and 23-6 overall, the baseball team hosts an important series against Old Dominion, starting with a 6 p.m. Friday game. The open football scrimmage got moved to a 7 p.m. start.

So, you've got a paid admission game involving FIU's most successful team this school year now up against a free admission game involving FIU's most popular team. As if daily life wasn't enough competition for attendance in either case.



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