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FIU jumper gets C-USA honor for service

FIU sophomore Marcus Ghent finished sixth in the long jump at the Conference USA Indoor Track meet, sailing 23 feet, 4 inches, and eighth in the triple jump, hop-skip-jumping 46 feet, 11 3/4 inches.

Ghent also spends part of Thanksgiving helping feed the homeless and helps promote breast cancer awareness with the Susan G. Komen Foundation among several other community service activities. For this, Ghent's one of 16 Conference USA Spirt of Service honorees for the winter sports (the basketballs, swimming and diving, indoor track and field).

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Interesting sport, the long jump. Ghent's leap is about 3' 4" shy of Jesse Owens' Olympic Record of 1936, and almost 6' shy of the current world record, but that was set back in the early 1990's. The olympic record is almost 50 years old. Either steroids don't help you jump a long ways or long jumpers don't make enough to afford them?

Most very good high or long jumpers usually hit one or two jumps in their career that are phenomenal anomalies. Most of the time, that jump is at the high school level -- a friend won the state title with a high jump just one inch under the NCAA championship height that same day. Sometimes, that leap is in college -- Jesse Owens 1935 world record, which stood for 25 years. But the next anomaly on the world class level was Beamon's freak leap in the 1968 Olympics that blasted through the then-world record by almost two feet, a ridiculous amount. When Beamon's record was broken, it was by two inches. Carl Lewis fouled on his anomaly jump, a 30-footer at the 1982 National Sports Festival, a moment I remember well(. http://joeposnanski.com/joeblogs/the-30-foot-jump/).
The combination of foul possibilities -- Owens almost fouled out at the 1936 Olympics in the prelims -- Owens and Beamon's stratospheric jumps and limited appeal/talent draw of the event really since Mike Powell broke Beamon's record combines to keep the long jump record relatively stagnant.

WOW!! I love the Track & Field history. I currently have two jumpers that are a few inches away from the 20ft mark so I can only imagine what a 30ft jump must feel like. At the high school level (specially in the 305) you get to see some AMAZING jumpers and throwers.

If you want to see the FHSAA Regional Championship, head to Miramar on April 24th and you can see some outstanding track & field.

Btw congrats to Marcus on his performance in Conference and for all work in the community. Lets keep the good news coming NEAL.
Go Panthers!

Speaking of track and field, I suspect most of the guys who post on this board probably wish the AD would spend more time watching javelin practice.

If only Mark Rosenberg could make the biggest leap of his career jumping past Pedro "Hialeah trash" Garcia in the leadership structure of FIU.

Rosenberg has had the chance to make that leap the last 6 years but he doesn't want to. He's probably afraid of Pedro garcia's willy wonka golden ticket (fat Albert Maury).

Until Rosey makes that Hialeah leap FIU athletics will remain "worlds behind"

Hialeah trash? Glad to know you're racist towards Hispanics, Mr. Lowell. Internet tough guy at his best.

What did I tell you?

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