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Football practice report

It was closed. And, Ron Turner wasn't speaking to any outside media after practice. So, any complaints about the lack of a Herald blog report or story on FIU's practices, please call or e-mail Camp Mitch.

FIU's Pro Day is later this afternoon.

Friday presents an interesting dilemna for the discerning FIU fan. At 7-5 in Conference USA and 23-6 overall, the baseball team hosts an important series against Old Dominion, starting with a 6 p.m. Friday game. The open football scrimmage got moved to a 7 p.m. start.

So, you've got a paid admission game involving FIU's most successful team this school year now up against a free admission game involving FIU's most popular team. As if daily life wasn't enough competition for attendance in either case.




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Brilliant move by athletics. F'ing brilliant. They really must enjoy doing things half backwards. Smh

Lol...Que bola you aren't attending either one yet still complain.Lol

Birth of a child might be just a tad bit more important. No need to upset the wife more than she will be at me in the delivery room. Don't really consider it complaining when you are calling out ineptness. Don't get upset cause you are a bit afraid to critique Tio Pete and the stooges than run the show or wear a firepg shirt. Enjoy watching really only 1 event for me chia and djn you might want to bring a wireless card cause between giving you no comments, getting a special "print media" table and then making you type on the trunk lid of your car, I think they might be changing the wifi password soon there.

Congrats on the birth of your second child...family is always first of course.
however, you were the same guy who complained about free shirts at the UL vs FIU basketball game. Shirts that no one expected...yes they didn't fiy you, yet you still took three of them from the seats around you/us.

you also complained when FIU offered the $20 dollar football tickets including hotdogs, beer, & chips for 4 people. Because they didn't reach out to you the "season" ticket holder with a freebie.

Complain about important stuff, like why is PG one of the highest paid AD when we have little to show and only marginally better then during the previous AD ttenure with a much higher budget.

this whole blog is funny, wasting 11k sucks! Specially when teams are begging for money. But at the end of the day its less then 3 weeks of our over paid ADs salary. So, in multiple public record requests we learned;

. FIU has a tight budget
. FIU SACC wasnt properly funded/operated
. Isaiah Thomas didnt sell seats
. The independent report was a waste

Basically, that FIU suffers from the same funding issues as many mid majors that sponsor football...


The saga of the inept AD continues.

Well Chia, considering you want to bring up old trash that we have discussed in person and over text, let's do it again. In regards to the T-shirts any type of event usually has more adults present than kids. Like you said, they should have given them out at the front instead of on the seats. You can also scatter different shirts on different seats instead of having 20 smalls bunched up together. It's more about the lack of execution than what you call complaining. there seems to be a constant lack of execution for everything with the athletic department. By the way, those free T-shirts that I did get it, along with the other plenty of free ones that I have gotten at the football games are usually donated to the Salvation Army. And you also seem to forget that I gave you maybe five or six for your kids because they didn't seem to fit me. You didn't complain too much about that.

In regards to your season-ticket callout, it's understood that you reward your most loyal people. Usually in any sports program that has season tickets, will try to reward their season-ticket holders for being loyal. It's not necessary to do it but it's appreciated Especially when your football program is 1-10 going into their last game of the season and are trying to meet quotas for attendance. Don't get me wrong it's a hell of a deal that was given and I used it myself but you can do different ways to market that event but again it goes back to the lack of execution that is present in that marketing or lack of marketing department. Normally the season-ticket holders are the ones that show up to the games and I say normally because most of the games had less than 1000 people at. The season-ticket holders would normally bring people to a game if they were offered a free ticket to go. You can offer the one free ticket to each season-ticket holder account and then price the other ones as they did. I would be upset if I was a club season ticket holder and basically be offered for five dollars my same seat with beer and food.

If you don't speak up about stuff that the department is doing wrong or different ways that they can improve on what they do, then you're pretty much complacent with ineptness. I love you chia (not as much as you love forney) but you're too much of a homer to see all the other issues that are going around. You need to take off the blinders and open your mouth when you see stuff that can be improved when is not being done right so it can be corrected and not just be like "oh it's all right, it's fiu".

Hey DNJ, what is that email address for Camp Mitch that you were talking about????

Has anyone seen Real Husband of Hollywood? A Mitch? Hahahahahaha, that is what this blog is all about. You guys sound like a bunch of Mitches fighting over how horrible the athletic department at FIU is.

^^^ Lol...I see that the Thank You email to the Class on 2012 referencing Forney's very cool gesture to come over to section 112 and thank us (you too) for being there every game in the same seats for 4 yrs is still vividly in your memory.

Are you upset I got the game gloves and you left empty handed?

I critize the athletic department as well. I've openly critized the department on twitter, so much so the DJN has posted some of my rants. So much so that some members of the athletic staff have UN followed me.

DJN has even posted my complete name, and I don't hide from it like nameless fakes of NW and PB.

Complaining about free stuff? Really? Complaining about a schedule conflict? Really?

You know DJN will tell us the head count of both events... 110 in baseball and 80 in football. So cancel to get what exactly.

You're turning into George Costanza's parents...

BTW, the kids love the free stuff... please keep picking more up for me.

LOL Chia. You got gloves and I got a football out of it so I am satisfied. There is a difference between players thanking us (which was totally cool and unexpected) and the athletic department. Dont confuse the two. Its pointless to argue the point with you chia on how to run something. we have discussed this in the past. no need to keep on arguing about it when you are hell bent in your ways. #friendzone

chiapanther and que bola fiu are two Mitches. Hahahaha

^^^ Lol...

Que Bola is right. He and that guy HooterHater are the smartest (and best looking) of the section 135 guys.

Chicharrones are good!!!

No more pork Chicharrones for "Don't Eat My Chicharones". You will now have to eat Chicken Chicharrones!!

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