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Good News, Bad News about FIU's Commissioner's Academic Medalists

Conference USA honors those athletes with a 3.75 grade point average or better with the Commissioner's Academic Medal. These FIU athletes received that hardware:

Swimming & Diving: Klara Andersson, Anna Jonsson, Lily Kaufmann, Marie Therese Nord, Marina Ribi.

Women's Basketball: Marita Davydova, Katrina Epnere, Zsofia Labady.

Women's Soccer: Ellen Crist, Johanna Volz, Paula Zuluaga.

Sand volleyball: Morgan Crawley, Aren Cupp, Savannah Davis.

Volleyball: Jessica Egan, Anabela Sataric

Golf: Ashley Shimmel

Softball: Samantha Green

Men's Cross Country: Orlando Rodriguez.

Good news for them.

The bad news is 19 medalists represents the fewest of any full-time Conference USA school.



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1 male student athlete ? Wow, Congratulations to Orlando.

Morgan can be a dude's name. So can David.

Congrats to these 19 athletes; earning a 3.75 or better is not an easy task.

I know I never did!

DJN, look forward to great coverage from the scrimmage. I'll be in Orlando, so hopefully section 135 can represent!

Chia can you take this AD with you & leave him at UCF or more appropriately, drive him an hour west & drop him off at ANY of various Tampa strip bars? He may take the job as "Director of Entertainment" @ Mons Venus (MV). Lets get back to rebuilding some class, integrity & winning back to FIU.

Being a Panther fan on this forum is like Groundhog Day. Same tired stripper reference after another.

^^^you're really loyal to PG. I wonder if you're his brother or family member.

Even though exasperated Panther called me a 'pathetic' pg groupie, I agree with him on bringing class back to FIU. Let's do things the right way at FIU and you'll see how everyone will start loving us. I hope PG has been humbled by so many people disliking him and that he can change. Starts with treating people right way. I say this because dr. Rosenberg is not getting rid of him so he may have well work on his people skills.

@FIUJM. Don't you know dp and pg go way back. He's gotta be bffs with his former boss. Kisses during basketball games. Muah

How did the spring game go with your current employer Saturday afternoon. You like the new unis? Did you double dip and do both you naughty boys.

Talking about same tired stripper references. You know why pg is cheap with athletics? You gotta dip Into the athletics bank when you got the (see first sentence of paragraph and cut all but one word out) habit.

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