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Here We Are Now -- Ignore Us

I dropped by the North Florida-FIU sand volleyball exhibition Monday to shoot photos for a piece on the team that we had planned to run later this week, right before the American Volleyball Coaches Association Collegiate Nationals. Though my best Herald photo credits come from disasters -- massive car crashes, storm-razed Blue Monster scoreboards and television towers, the first quarter crowd at November's Marshall-FIU football game -- I figured I could save our stretched photo staff a trip to Camp Mitch.

After an hour of shooting, I left, planning to return Tuesday to talk to folks for the story. Got the word via e-mail around 3:30 that stated Coach Rita Buck-Crockett "will have practice closed to ALL MEDIA tomorrow due to the fact that she wants the team focused on Nationals with no distractions."

The team leaves Wednesday morning.

Looking at the e-mail recipients, "ALL MEDIA" apparently means me and a member of FIU Student Media, which made the capitalization all the more amusing. I'd gauged from the vibe at the courts that certain volleyball folks weren't happy I pointed out the whole gofundme.com thing, which is kind of strange. They created the page, they promoted it on social media and still have said page up there, presumably so more people will see it and pony up bucks for the program.

Or maybe some other folks aren't happy.

"Whaaatever," (said in Squidward voice). That's why there won't be a story in The Herald on the closest thing FIU will have to a national championship team this year as that team goes to the national championship tournament.

Anyway, good luck to Marina Boulanger and Jessica Gehrke, the No. 1 pair; No. 2 pair Tina Toghiyani and Aren Cupp; No. 3 pair Maja Rosko and Camila Rosado; and the rest of the team this weekend.





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First no comments from baseball, then a special baseball table and now no comments again and closed practice from volleyball. I think one of the higher ups may not be fond of you djn. Lol

I truly doubt that closure came from the coach. This AD isn't a fan of your DJN. So he tries to shut you off but then subsequently kills any possible exposure to Sand Volleyball. Typical reckless reaction from a reactionary AD. Truly sad that we FIU fans, including still engaged fans ($$$) and those of us who have cut off ties must endure.

Our AD throwing a temper tantrum again. That PR firm sure is doing wonders for him.

Dumb move FIU. Just dumb.

I feel terrible for the volleyball team that worked so hard to get to the finals in their sport and will not get coverage because of an inept athletic department led by an entertainment director. The entertainment director can't take djn's heat so he borrows some ice from the iceberg that the fiu athletic titanic is going to hit in order to freeze out djn. Keep looking like a buffoon Rosenberg. Worlds behind Rosenberg worlds behind as long as you keep turning your head away from the mess that is your athletic department.

All of you have it wrong, including you David. The reason why they disallowed the Herald from attending was to limit further tasteless commentary from this publication. Apparently nobody saw Greg Cote's tasteless feature of FIU beach volleyball in their bikinis on his blog (http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/04/1-it-is-thursday-april-24-y-just-passed-support-your-local-indie-music-shop-and-help-bring-back-vinyl-2in-the-previous.html).

Granted, it was the schedule, but it was executed in a very classless fashion. There are so many positives to write about FIU athletics, yet he chooses to publish something that probably embarrassed our student athletes. I felt grossed out by having that old slime ball write about the beach volleyball team, and I'm not even one of the student athletes.

I agree with FIU. Screw the Herald and their obvious biased interests.

Coño quijote. The hate runs deep. Not that bad of an article. We know how much you love the herald. ;)

Come mierdas

Quijote, your comment reaches the ridiculousness of ordering palomilla steak at IHOP: wrong on so many levels.

1. It wasn't a feature, it was one paragraph.

2. Cote called the schedule poster -- the poster produced by FIU -- "more-interesting-than-usual." That's a verbal version of an eyebrow raise. It's not as if he's having a Brent Musberger moment (although it would be a moment because it was ONE PARAGRAPH).

3. That you think that mild commentary embarrassed athletes who've spent years practicing and playing in outfits similar to what they're wearing in the photograph says more about you than it says about anybody else. If they would be embarrassed by that, they wouldn't have posed for the photograph that went on a schedule poster and they wouldn't have a Facebook page filled with photos at matches in similar outfits (a Facebook page to which they invite FIU fans of all ages). You're doing some serious projecting.

4. I was the scribe on this story, the FIU beat writer, not Cote, a columnist who mentions FIU a couple of times a year. And the folks at FIU know the difference, although Cote and I both have gray, glasses and erratically shaven faces. I wrote about the sand volleyball team last year in print and have written several times about it on the blog. I've never been close to salacious.

There are positives to write about FIU athletics. I was trying to write about one of them.
(Yes, this is David Neal. I'm getting site warnings on the third step of responding via my blog sign-on and our blog hosting site has been having issues lately, so I'm not risking anything).

Memo posted on front door of FIU Athletics:

Media personnel are required to register with campus police. Please do so and prepare to present a pass with the university seal and two forms of photo ID prior to entering FiU Athletics facilities. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, the university believes this is in the best interests of our student-athletes and administrators.

Thank you.

Hey David. It looks like this is getting interesting. Maybe a ban of David Neal because you are getting too close to lesrning some ugly stuff?

I wouldn't order a palomilla at IHOP, but their tbone steak is pretty good and an excellent value.

I was always a fan of Moons Over My Hammy...

^^^that's Denny's lol

Cote is a deadbeat, I try not to read his crap. He's obviously a Hooter so you can't take him serious. I still don't know why he's still writing for Herald, IMHO, he's garbage.

You are all ridiculous. Those volleyball team members are happy to show off their tiny outfits. They want the attention. Look at the calendar. Stoo the excuses. The real deal is Garcia doesn't want any more journalists snooping around. He is catching heat from the trustees who are tired of reading about this and negative news time and time again.

Why do I use a screen name of Pete Lies? Because he does. Pete lies. And lies. Sometimes he cries.

I wish he would leave quietly. He is the problem.

We push a poster out to the public and believe we should dictate the response.
We give away free food, free T-shirts etc because we have attendance issues but expect no one to speak publicly about attendance.
We pay PR companies to get our name out but the PR companies put the wrong names and info out there.

It seems we have moved from shooting ourselves in the foot to shooting the messenger. Not the solution i would choose to fix the problem of bad press.

Amen. We want and need change. Please help us.

Dp. Defender of Pete garcias cronyism and thievery. The truth is out there

Seriously, dude, how many screens names do you post under? So far, I got you listed for about five. I get it, you're trying to make everyone believe that there's a bunch of people out there sharing your exact opinion. Truth is, you're just one kid still living with abuela.

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