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Mourelle C-USA Pitcher of the Week

Freshman Chris Mourelle's complete game 1-0 shutout of Old Dominion Sunday, during which he allowed five hits, walked none and struck out five, earned him Conference USA Pitcher of the Week honors. The shutout was Mourelle's second of the season and he ranks sixth in the nation with a 0.59 ERA.

FIU's team earned run average, 1.63, leads the nation. Tied for No. 2 at 1.79 are South Carolina and Houston (University of, not the Astros, although the college might have a better staff).

Mourelle's gem was one of two by FIU pitchers Sunday. Sophomore Corinne Jenkins whirled a three-hitter at FAU Sunday in the Panthers 3-1 win that gave them the weekend series.

Oh, and by the way, FIU posted the job opening for the last open spot in the media relations department referred to a few posts ago. Salary of $37,000 to $43,000 per year.


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Congrats to Chris! Go FIU!

So what, by comparison, does a cub reporter at the Herald make these days?

Not to mention you are required to have a Master's Degree for 37K....hmmm a lil underpaid for that type of requirements in my opinon

Welcome to the world of college sports. Salaries, in general, are below average across the board. Campus counterparts tend to make double what people in athletics make. That's not unique to FIU. That's everywhere.

Except at FIU the entertainment director makes way above average pay for an AD/entertainment director and produces next to nothing for FIU athletics.

Talk about stealing money Pedro Garcia has perfected that art

Keep turning a blind eye Rosenberg

Your shtick is old, Nick Walsh. Oops, I mean Patrick Bateman.

However message rings true, Pete Garcia must go!

Serious question here (and serious replies, please):

What would you need to see over the next two years across the board for you to change your mind and think that Garcia is doing a good job?

Year one - make a time machine.

Year two - go back in time and not fire Mario Cristobal.

If Mario is so great, how many head coaching offers did he receive since being canned? Ask Patrick Chin why he didn't interview Mario for FAU job, after Mario lobbied hard for it. Former coaches called had absolutely nothing good to say about him and he didn't even receive a courtesy interview.

^^^ I lobbied in social media for FAU to hire the biggest guy in the room too.

Sadly...no interest in MC from FAU, despite one season with Saban.

Hopefully UM is interested after year two with Wanna.

^^^would be great if UCG hires him. They can understand the misery we went through.

DP, I agree with MC firing. PG just needs to work on his people skills, it's obvious he is full of himself. He didn't go about it the right way.

I find it funny that as soon as Bateman posts something about pg, dp goes out to comment. Dp never responds to the comments from big dick Walsh. Does the big dick bring something to the table that dp doesn't respond to or Maybe they are all the same person. Finkle is einhorn? Einhorn is finkle? Howard must have been drinking again when he posted that comment. What type of time machine would pg use. Delorean or a phone booth like bill and ted?

^^^hot tub time machine

Certain former head coaches of a certain age need to worry more about the pee stains on their underwear than the "stains" on a competing program.

Way to think outside the box fiujm. Our ad normally doesn't think outside the box. Now does the hot tub leave from the Jamaica motel or airport executive?

Maybe djn can post up the snl James brown / Eddie Murphy hot tub parody in honor of Howard's time machine on his next post

Lets see after approx 8 years of Garcia, and a litany of horrible PR moves, destroyed fan base & alienated students, staff, etc., DP you ask what would I need to see to change my view? I'd need to see Garcia be a finalist for another job, which if delusional FIUJM thinks MC won't get, Garcia (unfortunately for FIU community) will NEVER get a sniff. If Garcia would be a finalist, I would LIE and publicly say great things to send him on his way.

"Lower his salary and march straight back to Rosenburg's house, stopping at every office to beg forgiveness for a 7 years of arrogance, bad management, and inappropriate behavior. Do this, and your man PG shall continue as AD. Do it not, and he can quit today....

But Before we let him leave, PG must cross that field, present himself before all the athletic coaches, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse. "

-William Wallace

Btw FIUJM, those two and only bowls appearances were just horrible times, weren't they? The only packed houses in our history, just absolute misery! You're a pathetic PG groupie.

Did anyone see the poor coaching for Alabama's offensive line in the last championship game?

^^^ Lol...
Wait is FIUJM a groupie because he agreed with the canning of the biggest guy in the room?

If firing that used car salesman makes you a PG groupie than where is my membership? I take back all the negatitive things I've said about our overpaid, match.com using, over sensitive AD. I even take back the William Wallace reference, minus the arse kissing.

wait, Our AD is sensitive, I remember a certain roided up head coach & frankenstein brother upset about sec 112 expressing our right to free expression & party when we put paper bags over our heads thanks to his tecmo bowl plays..

^^^ paper bags...I remember that game...not saying I was wearing one.

But, the bag I recall had little tears running down the Publix Label.

Amazing what happened when those techmo bowl plays added a healthy TY...like when Bo Jackson would break the gang tackle even when you picked the right play!

or neal anderson, christian okoye,

The paper bag was a Halloween costume. I don't know who was wearing it.........Wink wink.

Real Neal Anderson, weak!

Blair Thomas!!

I haven't seen it commented anywhere else, but what is the overall thought on FAU hiring Michael Curry? Does this seem like an Isiah Thomas hiring all over again? Fired NBA coach with no collegiate experience being hired by a small fledgling program, hoping to make a splash?

Maybe you haven't seen it anywhere cause:

1. This is an fiu blog
2. No one cares except Howard and his time machine

DP, esta De Pipi

I get that it's an FIU board, but it's also a "thing" in college sports to talk crap about your supposed rivals. I guess this is a civilized FIU forum. Wait....

Hilarious Exasperated Panther! lol I'm a Pathetic PG Groupie? I was the "G" in FIREPG at the FIU VS FAU game. Yes I had the guts to wear that shirt because it's not about PG or MC, it's about FIU. I can't stand Pete Garcia.

As for MC, it's obvious you were one of his biggest fans. I will always be grateful to MC, he was the right coach at the time we jumped to DIV I. He also got us Frank Ponce and he taught T.Y. how to run routes. I would have been ok with 1 more year of him but that wasn't going to change anything. He was great recruiter but not best game day coach(still remember that Rutgers meltdown and playing Younger because he saw something in their defense) He would have struggled last year. Again, I didn't like the way PG handled firing though.

DP, who cares about FAU and Michael Curry hire? Coach Evans has us heading in the right direction.

Can I get a ride on that time machine? I need to go back and hide my chicarrones.

I got chicharrones for you on Saturday Hooter!

Come on dp. It's a thing to talk crap about your college rival. Since you work for duh "U", wouldn't your rival be the noles. Stop defending pg and stop posting on these boards I am waiting still for you to answer all the questions we have asked you. Why are you so in love with the way Tio Pete has run this into the ground

FAU is about to go in Academic probation over basketball...9 transfers!

We share common paths... always inept. Must be the leadership from the ADs.

But, I'd take Chin over PG about now. He inherited a program that needed to borrow against the schools general fund. And is working to make it better.

PG is hell bent on sinking the ship....no wait, he gets just enough assistance (financially) to keep in the black. And then Hires an Assistant AD to cover all the items he is responsible for; attendance, sales, donations...that way if Bobby excels at doing the ADs job, then Bobby makes a performance bonus and so does PG. The double Dipping into our program is mind blowing.

Who's watching this?

Why is it you defend pg so much when your work for duh "u" as the big dick stated. What has he currently done to have any support from anyone in the administration or athletics? When pg gets fired from FIU will he be a better pimp or used car salesman?


Maybe he will pimp your ride. 2 for 1

Hey, what happened to the 50 cent rap? lol

Good fun DJN!!! Your blog is getting lots of traffic lately?

We are still waiting for some answers.

What's the question?

Boy DP, cant you read the above questions being asked. Just scroll up and answer them

DJN, why would you censor the genious of two great African American poets such as 50 cents or Biggie?

I have a question--in two parts--that goes all the way back to Mario's playing days. The first part is fill-in the blank, the second short answer. Back up your talk and answer the question.
Part A: Fill in the blank. To the ______ I rock the mic like a vandal.
Part B: Short answer. Name the artist who sang and/or rapped the above lyric.


He was once stabbed in the @ss with a pen knife. Mr. Ice Ice Baby himself. Vanilla Ice.

Which Ice would you least like to face in a dark ally...Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube or Ice T?

And I had answered some of the above, but my post was deleted for language.

I don't necessarily defend, as I do not believe things are sky is falling dire as the pessimists here believe. Have mistakes been made? Sure. But I believe overall, more good has been done then not.

Part of healthy debate is banter between two parties with opposing views. What this board would prefer is people piling onto their misery bandwagon. Guess what? I choose not to be negative.

Firing Mario wasn't the gravest of mistakes. He has yet to sniff a head job with many spots available. Hiring Pitino wasn't just PG hiring the son of a famous coach, as was the popular opinion on this board. He turned out to be the best hire in years, though I wish we had him longer. FYI, Pitino led Minnesota to an NIT title this year.

the fears that Turner couldn't recruit and not having any coaches with ties to S Florida would lead us to a crappy class, have also been proven wrong. We had our largest class of S Florida signees ever.

The Nick Walsh led charges of recommended PG firing in reports? wrong. Albert Maury being removed as head of trustees? Wrong, he got re-elected shortly after.

Then, there are the personal attacks. PG dating various "ladies of the night" is a common theme...except, he's been dating the same person for the last couple years. It's no secret. She's at every game.

My biggest beef is that opinions of a program have been tainted by false perspectives shared by people with agendas.

Every good story needs a villain, and this blog needs PG to be that villain. So be it. But when something is BS, I will call it out.

Don't you guys EVER get tired of your useless rants about Pete Garcia and Mario Cristobal?

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