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Moving Out, Moving Up, Coming (or Not)

With sophomore Jerome Frink, 6-6, requesting his transfer, FIU loses its starting front line from the 15-16 2013-14 team -- Frink, starter of all 31 games this season and 25 of 32 as a freshman, seniors Rakeem Buckles and Tymell Murphy. Frink averaged 8.4 points and 4.4 rebounds per game while shooting 45.9 percent from the field.

Even with 6-10 transfer Adrian Diaz and 6-7 incoming freshman Harold Givens, FIU might have as much quality size on the perimeter (6-7 guard Dominique Williams, 6-6 guard Jason Boswell) as up front.


FIU remains fourth, 16 shots behind leader Tulane, going into the final round of the Conference USA Golf Championship in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sophomore Meghan MacLaren rebounded from her opening round 4-over 76 with a 1-under 71, FIU's best second round score. Freshman Camila Serrano's even par 144 two-round score puts her fifth overall, seven shots behind medalist leader Texas-San Antonio's Fabiola Arriaga.


What's more bothersome to FIU fans? That Mario Cristobal is the top ranked recruiter for 2015 in the nation, according to 247Sports.com? Or that FAU already has four commits for 2015, including two three star prospects and four-star running back Jordan Scarlett from University School, and FIU has none of note after the decommitment of Northwestern high defensive back Antonio Howard?


FIU volleyball on GoFundMe is $295 toward a goal of $6,000.



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Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc, Dr. Rosenberg.

I'm Not a big fan of Frink. I'll just leave it at that.

Just remember that this kids change their mind more then underwear. You have over 8 months before this kids have to ink their name on a scholy. Not a big deal (for right now)..

1) Having Cristobal as the #1 recruiter in the nation is something that makes me very happy. He is a great recruiter (we knew that when he was here) and his one more season away from getting a pretty big Head Coaching position again. I can only wish him the best.

2) That FAU got a good start in the 2015 Recruiting class is also not a big deal. Why?? Like I said we still have 8months to go AND I personally think FIU picked up a pretty good class considering their nightmare record from last year. Anytime you are in or close to the Top 3 school in C-USA for recruiting, I think you are doing things right. Plenty of talent in Florida (even if you get the 2nd or 3rd tear guy).

Im thinking positive right now but Im still very realistic. I know we are NOT going from 1-11 to 11-1 over night. I think we can make a nice improvement next year and see us wining 5 games.. The O-line and D-line will determine most of that.

Go Panthers!

Gooch, I don't know what 2014 rankings you're seeing. 247sports.com ranked FIU 10th in C-USA. Rivals.com had FIU tied for sixth, but also tied for the lowest average per recruit rating. Scout.com had FIU seventh, but still gives FIU credit for Donavan Williams, thus kneecapping their overall credibility.

Also, there is at least one eligibility concern among FIU's top 5 2014 signees. That said, I'll be interested to see what the running backs can do.

Again about MC, ask Alabama Fans how that o-line held up in the championship game against equal competition? His tecmo bowl plays dont work in the SEC

David, have you heard of any possible transfers to take Frink's role? Basketball transfers are common these days. Question is whether anyone worth a darn is looking at FIU to transfer into?

As for football, there is no doubt that FAU is currently well ahead of FIU in recruiting, talent, and stadium. I will continue to say that firing Cristobal was an enormous mistake that will take years to undo.

David: You all should know that the player who decommitted was at Alabama's Spring Game. It looks like Cristobal showed him what a real program is all about. Damn. We will never compete for top talent anymore.

Just check out Howard's photos on Facebook. He is wearing a Bama jersey. Looks like Cristobal strikes again to take good players away from a bad program.

We suck, again, I'm a proud panther, but I just don't care anymore. All my spirit has been sucked out of me with the extended path of mediocrity that the majority at FIU are willingly embracing.

We beyond suck. We are the worst of all. We can't recruit. We can't coach. We are second rate. I miss the programs on the rise.

FIU will be 2nd rate and below as long as Pedro Garcia is running the athletic department into the ground. He is the Cuban Isiah Thomas. Oh, wait he hired Isiah Thomas.

Worlds Behind Rosenberg, worlds behind

This has nothing to do with Mario. This has everything to do with Alabama. If Mario's at Troy, he doesn't lure Howard away. We are still a Conference USA school. Alabama is a national champion, led by probably the best collegiate head coach we have ever seen in our lifetime. No offense, but we lose that battle 99% of the time. So does FAU, so does UCF, so does USF.

Wait for it... The Miami New Times is digging very deep on a scandal involving FIU. One can only hope this somehow involves both Pete Garcia and Mark Rosenberg.

Same Miami New Times which did story on Shakey Rodriguez.

It's awesome. Anytime DJN writes a positive article, this yahoo is nowhere to be found. Give him an inch of negativity, and here comes Patrick Bateman aka Nick Walsh aka Mike Lowell.

And don't tell me your not the same guy, Mike Lowell. Your writing style is the same as Nick & Patrick. And, you all have the same thing in common: alleging a secret investigation going on that will bring down the house. Patrick & Nick has the consultants reports, the Board of Trustees inside info,etc. Now, you're coming with New Times. There's no hint of it anywhere on the web. Either you're involved directly (doubt it) or you have the same MO has the other two identities: trying to create havoc and dissension by alleging wrongdoings and investigations.

I feel sorry for you. It must be tough to have to constantly create such drama in order to have validation for your life, making yourself happy by trying to create misery. Sad...

Dp. Your love for pg makes baby Jesus cry. Open your eyes and see the mess that your boy has created. In the great words of Jim Mandich "pg is a corporate time stealing weasel"!

For the last time dp, my brother is not posting under an alias. Are you paranoid to hear the truth about your boy. How much is pg paying you to defend him cause no one in their right mind cares about this thief as you do. Club seats, hoes, or all of the above?

Miami New Times will get the job done, connected with the best PI's in the business.

Can any one tell me who the main recruiter is for FAU ?

Looks like Patrick Bateman has a new screen name.

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