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Softball clinches C-USA tournament spot

FIU's battering of North Texas this weekend -- three-game sweep, outscoring the Mean (secondary definition of "Mean") Green 24-3, bum rushing North Texas in five innings Sunday -- clinched a spot in the Conference USA tournament for FIU (30-19, 12-9). The top eight teams in conference record make the tournament.

If freshman Stephane Texeira doesn't get her second conference player of the week award, the entire Conference USA office needs to 12-step off. Texeira went four of five with two home runs in the series, walked four times, had an on-base percentage of .900 and a slugging percentage of 2.000. One of Texeira's home runs got sandwiched by homers from freshman Gabby Spallone and junior Krystal Garcia, the first home run natural hat trick in FIU softball history.

Pitchers Corinne Jenkins, Shelby Graves and Mariah Dawson allowed all of one earned run in the three games.


The pitching staff over at the baseball field allowed only three earned runs in its four-game sweep of Saint Peter's. With the staff ERA at 1.93, FIU might move back into the top spot in the nation. The Former Sunblazers entered the weekend fourth nationally in ERA as a staff.

As for conference tournament status, nobody's clinched anything yet. FIU sits tied for seventh with Middle Tennessee State, both at 11-10. FAU, 10-14, is ninth and Marshall, 8-14, is 10th. FIU's got three games left at East Carolina, three with Middle at home and three at Tulane. There's also another one-game battle of vowels with FAU.




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Open letter to David Neal:

When will you publish your book that uncovers the fraud and unethical activities of Pete Garcia? You have him by his balls with stories supported by testimony. Don't look away from the truth. Embrace the truth.

Cue dp's response

It's not even worth responding anymore. It's a 30 year old "kid", who still lives at home with abuela, who used to feel like a big shot because he was "friends" with Mario. That made him feel special, like he was on the inside.

Since PG cut Mario loose, this guy has felt like he's missing a piece of his soul. Mario is gone, and he can't handle that. So, he goes online and looks for any opportunity to spread negativity and hate towards the guy to sent his hero away. Truth be damned, by the way, as he'll make up fake investigations, reported recommendation of firings, etc.

It's childish and sad. And when people think about the fanbase that is FIU, this is the guy the hold up as the typical fan.

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