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Texeira C-USA Player of the Week; Pitching Zeroes; On The Beach

As predicted on this blog yesterday, Conference USA named FIU freshman Stephanie Texeira its Player of the Week for the second time this season. Texeira went four for five with four walks, five RBI, two home runs, a 2.000 slugging percentage (that's Babe Ruth-on-a-1980s-video-game numbers) and a .900 on-base percentage.


Also as predicted on Sunday night's blog post, FIU retook the national lead in team ERA, which is now down to 1.93 for the season. Mike Franco ranks sixth with a 0.95 ERA and freshman Cody Crouse is 25th with a 1.35 ERA.


Two years ago, when FIU executive director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia mentioned FIU adding a sand volleyball team, he crested on "giddy." His reasoning: the sport's a natural for a school in a town with popular beaches and FIU could be a national power quickly because the sand Panthers wouldn't be scrambling to make up everybody else's 10 or 100-year head start.

Such was the theory, so has it been danced. FIU's seeded No. 5 going into the American Volleyball Coaches Association national championship for sand volleyball, which is still what the NCAA classifies as an "emerging sport." CBS Sports Netowrk will show a delayed broadcast in late May.

Should FIU as a team or one of the pairings come back with the biggest trophy, you can predict the trophy-snuggling photos: Garcia, several other athletic department administrators, FIU President Mark Rosenberg, all getting around the team and the trophy with the enthusiasm of taking selfies with a new baby. 

Why, then, doesn't the department put enough bucks behind the sand volleyball and volleyball programs so that it doesn't have to do the gofundme.com thing? It's not embarrassing for the programs -- they're doing what they have to do. That's what coaches and ahtletes do. It reflects on the school and the athletic department that those programs have to do the electronic version of pleading car to car at 107th Avenue and 8th Street. FIU's doing the reverse Strom Thurmond -- instead of giving child support, but no name or claim to a daughter, FIU's giving name and is happy to claim, but are almost deadbeat dads.

Schools consider Division I athletics marketing. It's about getting the school name and positive impressions of the university out there. It works, too. Applications went up when the football team went to bowl games. But these words go back to what I wrote in the fall and the winter -- details in operation and presentation form an initial impression of your school to those who haven't been around it daily. Failure there presents a negative impression.

This is too basic to be a detail. Those who want to show love after the team wins should show love beforehand by showing the money.



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Any surprise here DJN? We have a divisive, antagonistic and anti-marketing / anti-customer-centric AD that just looks for self gratification all the while IT SEEMS he has pulled a con job on Dr. Rosenberg. If he can get away with getting a winning team while doing zilch for said team, sign him up! This degradation of our beloved Athletics dept continues.

They definitely deserve more. I've been to a Sand Volleyball match and they don't have a lot of room. I think that's more to the fact that it was a sport no one thought would be possible even five years ago and that real estate is at a premium on campus. Everyone is fighting for every available square inch.

However, if you're going to write about administration providing more resources, you could at least drop mention of the $2 million campaign for women's sports that you wrote about on this very blog a month ago.


Should that 2 million be more like 10 million? Yes. Absolutely. But leaving it out of your article paints the story in a bit different light.

DP, please. This AD is on what, 8yrs & NOW is when he starts a campaign?!?! FIU has a 750 million dollar campaign in action, however Mr. Garcia DID NOT have to wait until being FORCED to fundraise as part of a larger campaign. The campaign could of started when Athletics HAD some traction. I, has a FORMER booster and forever an FIU fan WOULD of helped, however with this AD "nuking" a one-time growing fan base AND folks like me (there are numerous) who have left, this AD will have to put on his charm, which is like asking a wild hyena not to bite. If you have to rely on Mr. Garcia to fundraise, FIU better hope Mr. Maury bails him out with cash.

The entertaining director wouldnt raise a dime if he had gallons of water and there were thirsty people in the desert. Who is stupid enough to think their donation would actually be used the right way by the ed. The ed ain't going to raise 2 million for those women's teams unless 3 chins albert mary gives him the cash from fat alberts father inlaw the guy owns a medical center. It won't be the first time fat albert bails his drinkin buddy out. Who you think bought the millions of tickets for fiu to meet the ncaa attendance requirement last football season. don't bother gettin a real answer from fiu because you won't find the real name of the person who bought those tickets because it will be under a fake company name like BS Incorporated. It's all 1 big shell game in pedro's house of cards which is another name for the fiu athletic department. The BS will continue as long as the ed and fat albert have rosenberg as president who turns and looks the other way while the fiu athletic titanic approaches the iceberg. Worlds behind Mark worlds behind and watch out for that iceberg!

And cue dp to the defense. Pipo you're not helping your cause by pretty much defending PG whenever there is something said negative about him or the department

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