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Saturday in the Park

Tough Saturday afternoon for the FIU baseball team.

Actually, it started Friday night. After pitcher Mike Franco dropped a Friday night complete game zero on FAU, letting only one runner reach third base, he gets dissed by the FIU Sports website. Instead of using a new photo of Franco or a stock photo of Franco from some past game, the site used a posed photo of sports and entertainment director Pete Garcia with Rosenberg's Rowdies, the noisy, devoted group of FIU students.

An action shot of Garcia joining The Rowdies, as President Mark Rosenberg did during the last men's basketball home game, would've been excellent. Or, it would've been if you didn't have a pitcher throwing a complete game shutout to extend your team single-season conference record in shutouts to 12.

Anyway, then came the wacky game. A pickoff. Catcher interference. Two balks. Two! You can watch baseball until seams go across your eyeballs without seeing two balks. (former Major League Umpire, the late Ron Luciano, in one of his books written with David Fisher, wrote that he never called a balk because he didn't understand the rule).

Only seven of FAU's 13 runs counted as earned and the Owls had only one more hit than FIU. But they also had one less error, one less wild pitch, one less walk and three less hit batters.

A regular poster, Chiapanther, asked me on Twitter why FIU didn't go to closer Mike Gomez with the bases loaded and two out in the eighth with the score still tied 3-3. I wondered the same thing.

"Mike Gomez does a lot better when he's ahead in the game," FIU coach Turtle Thomas said. "It wasn't the time to do that."

Everybody's back on the field at 1 p.m. Sunday. I'll be back at The Table then and back here tomorrow night. 


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It seems that the ONLY way FIU goes to the NCAA regionals is if AND only if they win C-USA regionals or lose in championship game & have 40+ wins. It would be a shame with this pitching staff to go ANOTHER year without a regional appearance. It would be disappointing.

That's crazy?

What a response. He does better with the lead? No sh!t. Closers by nature pitch with the lead, its the roll. But, its the same amount of innings he would normally of thrown, 1-1/3. And you trust your bats to get you that one winning run in two innings. The team is 27-11 or something like that. Despite the incredible ERAs they are facing the reality that they won't get to that allusive 40 win mark with 16 games left.
They'll have to win 3-4 Cusa Tourney games now. We will go into the tourney as a 5-6 seed and play UAB in the first round.

Yes, exasperated Panther I fear the door is closing.

Are they men enough to win today. I will not attend another 2014 game if they lose today!!

What the hell is that photo with Pedro Garcia and fans doing on a story about Mike Franco's shutout win over FAU? Talk about a desperate plea from Pedro Garcia to show he's part of FIU. Pedro is grasping at straws. Everyone knows that Pedro Garcia is a fraud stealing close to half a million dollars a year from FIU.

The FIU athletic program is a disgrace thanks to Pedro Garcia and now through the advice of the marketing firm he hired, Pedro has been told to be more interactive with fans. If you believe Pedro has turned a new leaf because he's following what this marketing firm is telling him to do then I got some beachfront property in Mars that I would like to sell you for $1.99.

As long as Mark Rosenberg shows no testicular fortitude then FIU athletics is doomed.

What a shame that Mike Franco's shutout is not properly acknowledged because Pedro Garcia wants to show that he is one of FIU by taking a set up photo with the FIU fans.

And dp responds in 3..... 2......1.....

By the way David, what a joke that you have to cover FIU baseball from a table outside the press box. Who the hell is in that press box that you can't be in there?

What did ESPN suddenly show up to cover FIU baseball and needed all the room in the press box? Or is this another Pedro Garcia childish tactic to deal with the truth that you write about FIU?

Keep digging David and you will find the stench behind Pedro Garcia's failed tenure at FIU. Paging Mark Rosenberg, your athletic department is a house of cards, a mess and a joke. Worlds Behind Mark, Worlds Behind

DJN sits outside because he can be around the people. He is a people person. He shuns all comforts like a Dominican monk. He needs not of wifi, power socket, or air conditioning. He is of the people, by the people, and for the people. who you may ask..The HERALD muerto management!!

DJN likes to hear when parents say this kid stinks and when they call umps ASESINOS.

Wow... I got censored?

BTW, I don't understand what the issue is on the Photo used by FIUAthletics. I was at the game on Friday Night and got my free FIU Throwback white "Sunblazer Hat. I did not stay for the whole game, but Franco to keep with the theme wore a white polo and skinny jeans on the mound. I can tell you that the guy in the left is not Pedro Garcia but Franco who threw a complete game shut out. Also, RosenburgRowdies played the infield...

Wow, censored 5 times in one day

DJN couldn't censor 4 of the 5 repeat posts? Maybe CHia's that good.

I don't know what the heck happened.... I kept getting error messages from herald ...Lol

I didn't know it was still posting despite the errors...

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