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Will hustle for food; MacLaren Academic All-Conference

Somebody in FIU Athletics better start raising some money.

This was brought up to me by a veteran of similar-sized athletic departments after the NCAA Legislative Council declared schools should be able to give their athletes unlimited meals or snacks in connection with games or practices.

The NCAA was embarrassed by University of Connecticut point guard and Final Four Outstanding Player Shabazz Napier saying he sometimes went to bed "starving." With the whole "should they be paid?" argument swinging away from them, this rule made for a better public relations move than saying, "Clearly, Napier needs to learn how to handle his money because, looking at some of his portly pals on the football team, there's no shortage of food available to athletes and that football team is batspit compared to the basketball team."

Anyway, this becomes another expense for any athletic department. It's a bit more onerous on a department that's near the top of the nation in relying on student fees for funding. This is in addition to the meal plan that's part of an athletic scholarship.

People think about how much extra this means when feeding the football and basketball teams. Yeah, that's no trip to Hamburger Wednesday at McDonald's, but think about everybody else getting fed. Think about track throwers and baseball players. Take a look at the softball, volleyball (sand and indoor) and soccer (either gender) teams -- not many salad-eaters there. Parents of swimmers can tell grocery bill stories that give Publix owners a Saturday night happy. 

FIU can't hit up the students again. Well, it can, but not without drawing the appropriate ridicule. No, somebody in FIU Athletics better start kissing some rings or things and getting some money from some new wallets.

Time to feed the family.


This new football flagable from Wednesday, according to NCAA.org...

"The rule specifically covers a scenario in which a quarterback is in a passing posture with one or both feet on the ground. In that situation, no defensive player rushing unabated can hit him forcibly at or below the knee. The defensive player also may not initiate a roll or lunge and forcibly hit the quarterback in the knee area or below."


Sophomore Meghan MacLaren, who led FIU to the Sun Belt Conference title last year and has a 3.49 grade point average, has been named to the Conference USA Golf All-Academic team. The Conference USA championship will be Monday through Wednesday in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


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With Pedro Garcia's house of cards (a.k.a. FIU athletic department) something tells me those kids are going to go hungry

Pedro, time to call all you can eat Golden Corral

I'm sure Pedro Pan is on the phone soliciting those mega enterprises in town (The Juice Palace, La Carreta, 94th Aerosquadron etc..)

pete garcia is a fake

Ah, here come the usual suspect(s). Anytime an article that comes out has the ability to take an anti-PG slant, the anti-crew comes running.

So, how hard is it to log on and off, using multiple IP addresses, to make it seems like you're more then just one person?

DJN - please tell this fool, I am not posting as Bateman or Ghosts of Xmas past.


Again, Mike, it's hard to take someone so blatantly racist towards Hispanics as serious. Pedro Pan? Really?

fiu ALUMNI 86, stay with that name.

Mike Lowell & DP: I deleted one of each of your comments in the last debate for being a little too, ah, raw. Just keep it clean here. DP, there's no evidence Mike Lowell is posting as anybody else. Not saying he isn't, but there's no evidence that he is.

Reading all these posts reminds me of the chronics calling the Neil Rogers 1-2 hour. Shaaaammmbbaaaaa

Good to see Coach Turner will be on 940am on Friday. Any chance Coach Turner will ever be on any of the two major sports-talk show in Miami? Is that this AD has ALSO burned the bridges with 790am & 560am? Would anyone be surprised?

Here's a way athletics and pg can save cash on the above issue. All he needs to do is take the players to the all you can eat buffet at treasure island. Everyone gets a happy ending. Players are fed while pg is relieved. I'm sure he can pad his loyalty rewards program points. You gotta tell me that's isn't a brilliant idea dp.

Can I steal the time machine my buddy Howard Schnellenberger gave Pete Garcia and go
Back in time and change absolutely nothing. Actually I would go back and figure out ways to do less and get paid more. Just like Pete is doing now. At least I had a cool hat

You know, it's because of clowns like the above posters that more people don't come on here and post. It's like trying to argue with children. No actual conversation, just 5th grade cutdowns like "you're momma's so fat..."

Why you so mad dp? Just because you are buddy buddy with uncle Pete, you don't have to get upset when people bash him. Speaking of clowns we can raise money for athletics by dressing Pete in a clown suit and sticking him I'm a dunk tank. That will make it rain cash. Here's a news flash also. People don't come in here cause of us, they are aren't coming cause we suck ass. Blame uncle Pete's managing style for ruining this program. Well at least we know someone that is coming. Hey now!

Reading all these posts reminds me of the chronics calling the Neil Rogers 1-2 hour.

Shall we start the "your momma's so fat jokes" just like we did with the wrestling thread?

yo momma so fat, when she goes to KFC, she orders the bucket on the roof.

Your momma's so fat...she used a VCR as her beeper.

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Your momma's so fat, her blood type is Rocky Road.

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