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Down in Hattiesburg

With FIU's baseball season on the line Thursday, ace junior Mike Franco pitched. Aramis Garcia hit. Alas, Garcia's two two-baggers, bringing in two runs, couldn't overcome another two -- the three times Old Dominion turned two, leading to FIU's 3-2 loss and elimination from the Conference USA tournament.

Franco went three and a third, gave up four hits, no runs, struck out five and walked two. Fifth-year senior Albert Cardenas took the ball and gave up three runs in the fifth, two on a double by freshman Joseph Guaranga.

FIU ends its season, 36-20. 


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Did Franco blow out his knee in the 4th inning? He was down for a long time, holding his knee. The trainer was with him for a while, before helping Franco off the field.

That was a huge turning point in the game.

Wow! Horrible, poor & uninspiring play! College baseball is officially over for me. No NCAA baseball regionals, AGAIN!

Its been 2 regionals in 12 years (going back to Danny Price's final years)...pretty long drought... missing regionals for three straight years now, I wonder if Turtles seat is heating up? With PG you never know.

Great individual seasons by Player of the Year Garcia who trued to carry the team with his bat and his arm...throwing out a runner at second.

Good luck to Franco, Gomez, Garcia, Davis in the upcoming MLB draft.

No more uncovered tables for DJN (oops meant media). It's tent time soon

Turtle's seat should be engulfed in flames by now. It's the same story year after year with his teams. Poor defense, mental lapses, and an inability to perform under pressure or in the spotlight. 2-6 in the last eight regular season games against USF, FAU (which shouldn't surprise anyone, they own us in all major sports except hoops right now), and CUSA bottom-feeders Tulane and MTSU. Way to step it up at crunch time, boys.

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