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Honors for Super Tex & Garcia; Radio, (No) Radio

On the dirt diamond, freshman Stephanie Texeira made the National Fastpitch Coaches Association's All-South First Team as the first baseman. Baseball's Aramis Garcia is one of the 15 semifinalists for the Johnny Bench Award, given to the nation's best catcher (naturally).

Barring the kind of calamity that usually involves a Gortex coat and a wine store, Garcia and his teammates will be in the Conference USA tournament at Southern Mississippi next week. So will the radio crews of every other school in the eight-team tournament, according to the schools involved.

FIU will not bring Pete Pelegrin, who does the play-by-play on FIU radio and PantherVision. 





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To continue with the Seinfeld references DJN, don't understand why they are not taking Pete to do the games. Maybe PG is being cheap like George Costanza but he seems to run the department like the Soup Nazi......No Funds for you!!!!

PP needs to start his human fund!

Vandelay Industries and Tyler chicken are working out a deal for PPs services and some calzones

He first needs to become master of his domain. Can we consider pg more of the soup nazi or running athletics like Steinbrenner on the show. Costanzaaaaaaaa!

PG needs to start having Jon Voight's day at the stadium?

The actor or the dentist? Maybe he can hire Jackie childs. Just don't put the balm on.

well PG is working on new franchises, "top of the muffing to ya!" and Jerk Stores throughout Miami dade county and FIU facilities

Only problem the yogurt at the stadium isn't fat free

I think djn might be getting a good chuckle out of this. Djn, what's the odds of you not having a view from inside the stadium for the softball tourney

Nah, I'll be inside the stadium -- but in the stands. Seriously, that's one claustrophobic press box. Great view, but, after a while, you feel like you're spending the afternoon on punishment in a basement apartment.

That can be the djn memorial gulag.

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