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Hoop Scholars, Softball & Hard Time

The NCAA threw out Public Recognition Awards to teams with Academic Progress Rates in the top 10 percent of their sports. One FIU team made it this year, with the APR rates based on the 2009-2013 academic years -- women's basketball.

All APR rates will be released later.


First baseman Stephanie Texiera was voted Second Team All-Conference USA and was a unanimous coaches' choice for Conference USA Freshman of the Year Award. Texeira and Gabby Spallone made the conference's All-Freshman team.

Still...how does the No. 3 seed in the conference tournament have only one player make first or second team all-conference?

One thing that wrinkled my already sun-wrinkled brow about FIU in this weekend's Conference USA softball tournament at FAU: the Panthers are busing up this afternoon for Thursday's 1:30 game against East Carolina. 

What, I thought, they're worried about getting caught on the Turnpike behind some 1983 IROC Z28 Camaro rear-ending a beige Toyota Camry and being late to the Thursday afternoon game?

No, what they're worried about is 2012 Sun Belt Tournament at FAU Redux. FIU opened against Troy in a rain-delayed game that didn't get called for the night until Letterman. The Panthers dragged back home, got to bed in the wee hours and showed up groggy to finish a 4-1 loss. After an afternoon nap, a still sonambulent FIU got dusted 9-1 by South Alabama.

So, this year, they're busing up, getting into the hotel, getting a good night's sleep, then playing.


What is it with FIU athletes getting busted on weed-related charges five seconds after they finish their eligibility or degree?

Walk-on transfer Luke Bray started 10 of the 12 games he played for FIU last season, picked up no goals or assists, and three of five games in 2012. Bray has filed an affidavit for indigent status after getting busted on a felony possession charge and charged with possession with intent to distribute. His next hearing is May 29.

Funny how this might've fit under either of the headlines of the last two blog posts. Not as funny as Bray's name being removed from last year's roster on the FIU website and his bio removed once you click on his name in the 2012 roster.




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The news about the Soccer player that picked up NO GOALS during his playing career and now got caught with weed is pointless info.

As for the Softball team, I agree 100% on leaving early. As a coach you want to make sure you have control of what the kids eat, when they go to bed, what they do during the rest of the day, etc.. If this was just a regular game I would find it overkill but this is the C-USA Championship so spend the extra money for the early departure. Good call Coach..

The APR results should be interesting to see. I hope we are improving from the grave we dug up.

Good luck in Boca..

Re-label the headline then to Seeds, Smoke Dealers, and Hard Times.

Gooch, this isn't basketball. Many fine soccer players go through their careers without scoring. Last year, nine field players who started over half the games they played didn't register a goal. Five of them didn't get a goal or assist. The year before, Anthony Hobbs, the best player on the team, started all 17 games with no points. Expecting a lot of points from Bray is akin to expecting it from Demarkus Perkins.

Your response to Gooch is so out there that it suggests...well, let me be kind and stop there, DJN. You must be desperate.

How is it out there? Gooch suggested a player wasn't worthy of mentioning because he hadn't scored. I pointed out many starters, of which the guy was one, don't score, especially if they're defenders.

Yeah, I'm desperate. I REALLY wanted another Winston Fraser-like incident to write about because it's such a slow, dull time in South Florida sports this week...

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