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TV & an All-American

Junior catcher Aramis Garcia, named Conference USA Player of the Year last week, was named Third Team All-America on the Louisville Slugger/Collegiate Baseball All-American team.

Garcia hit .368 with eight home runs and 37 RBI. In addition to leading Conference USA in hitting, his .626 slugging percentage was the conference's best.


Whether 2014 FIU football evolves as a drama, parody, spoof or farce, it'll be televised entertainment at least four times.

For the Sept. 13 home game against Pitt on Fox Sports 1, all the university's marketing heads should attempt a Vulcan mind meld to maximize their idea intellect for herding a decent crowd into the stadium for a noon Saturday kickoff. Between the probable heat, the near-dawn (to most Miami residents) kickoff and the usual FIU following, this blasts POTENTIAL EMBARRASSMENT in blinding lights that recall the opening credits of ABC TV movies back when we relied on ABC, NBC & CBS because few had HBO or VHS (DVD was in big Cro-Magnon form called Laserdisc).


Official attendance for the only other noon kickoff at FIU Stadium: 8,593 for FIU beating Louisiana-Lafayette on Halloween in 2009. That being the official attendance, you can estimate for yourself how many folks actually were there.

The following week, at a time to be dictated by FS1 or FSN, Louisville comes to FIU. On Oct. 2, The Shula Bowl, FAU at FIU at 7 p.m., gets a Fox Sports Net broadcast. And, on Fox College Sports, 7 p.m. on Oct. 11, FIU faces rapidly rising Texas-San Antonio.

Some of you closer to my age might remember an ABC TV movie opening that manages to be both more understated and more spectacular.




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Several ideas to bring in sellout crowd for that game djn. Advertise it as a taping of sabado gigante or a Lebron autograph session. Pg dunk tank would be a sellout and raise cash. Cardboard cutouts as a last resort

Meet sanjaya from American idol day!!!

Willy Chirino halftime performance

Halftime entertainment; Race a panther 100 yd dash with 50 yard advantage for one of our track stars.

Another idea for athletics. Race a rabid dog for a free years tuition. Free tutorials pregame on how to use a Cuban mop and the sham wow guyatvthe half. Gypsy kings post game or anyone that performs during the youth fair

Juanga singing queirida!!!

Actually dunk tank with pg and loria combo would be historic

Want attendance increase,$10 micosukee credit for staying first qtr. viejitos will show up in big numbers.

How about rounding up the homeless by offering them free hotdogs. Only issue would be they would wait in line because only one person would be working the concession or they would run out due to poor olanning

Halftime raffle of win a date with FIU's bachelor.

Bring all the Leon Medical Buses to the game.
field trip for dept of corrections inmates..
Anti-Fidel rally will pack the stadium..

LOL on all these ideas.

How about free Metamucil for all attendees? Because after la cagada que nos espera, some of us may get backed up.

We'll have to volunteer the stadium for FCAT testing.

Or host the National #SpellingBee that day.

Watching the heat game...made me realize that all we need to do is put Lance Stevenson in a dunk tank at half time.

Or make it Harry Potter day...give out fake glasses and have the FIU Quiddich club play at have time.

Quijote. We have to get backed up and hold it. Remember, according to djn article a while ago, there is no paper in stalls.

Sadly, there are no souvenir cups either.

Let's all go online to an internet chat room, pose as horny fourteen year-old girls and tell pervy old men to meet us at FIU Stadium on that day. Call NBC and Chris Hansen and we've got full-blown media coverage AND asses in the seats. We can count the NBC camera crew, the perverts, the cops who show up to arrest them. It's a guaranteed attendance bonanza!


I like it, To Catch a Predator...FIU edition,

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