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Mike (Starter) to Rays, Mike (Closer) & Silverio to Chisox

Always wanted to use the old-time headline word "Chisox" in a headline.

Anyway, FIU's 2014 ace Mike Franco got selected by the Tampa Bay Rays in the seventh round of the Major League Baseball draft Friday. FIU's all-time saves leader Mike Gomez went in the 13th round to the Chicago White Sox.

Later Saturday, with pick No. 978, the White Sox took outfielder Louis Silverio.

With catcher Aramis Garcia's second round selection by San Francisco, that makes four FIU players gone so far in the draft.


I thought I did some nice breaking down of the way FIU coaching pay didn't seem to match up the experience or success of the coach involved. But reader Cory Jarrell, with a blog, some free time and the kind of pretty graphs modern media outlets encourage, really went to town.



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It was a disappointing season fill with great individual performances. Good luck to the guys going Pro.

Don't know how turtle is going to replace Gomez And Gomez.... again good luck.

The football coaching staff is an embarrassment to all FIU alum. Worlds, and I mean worlds, behind.

^^^^^^^^^^^ que?

Underachieving baseball team with a premier pitching staff and can't even win ONE C-USA tournament game! Sorry folks but that's coaching. For all bashing former coach took, at least he won regional games and even got us to a Super-Regional. This coach is 0-4 in his only two regional appearances in 7 years. No improvement, program is stagnant. What next Mr. AD?

You're right, Shameful Journalism. I compared the salaries, experience and success of various assistants and showed that they didn't seem to match up. Terrible. I should bow my head.

Then, Mr. Jarrell used more facts and math to break those facts down even more. Terrible, shameful journalism...that's taught in media seminars and the best j-schools around the country.

DJN the data presented was compelling. It showed in empirical form that salaries are skewed for family members. That should be noted. Wouldn't matter that much had FIU gone 11-1, however 1-11 and these discrepancies become glaring.

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