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Predictions for 2014 football


Yeah, OK, cliche. But "Eye of the Tiger" remains summer music to me. Also, this clip, the best line from the cartoon that was Rocky III, sums up the preseason magazines' projections for this year's football campaign.

Got to my semi-local Barnes & Noble Wednesday to collect the rest of the prognastications after getting Lindy's and Phil Steele earlier.

Athlon's: 2-10, 0-8 in Conference USA, so they're predicting wins in the first two games over FCS foes Wagner and Bethune-Cookman. Ranked 127th out of 128 nationally, ahead of only New Mexico State. In the unit rankings, puts FIU 13th out of 13 in C-USA at quarteraback and wideouts/tight ends, 12th in running bask and linebackers, 11th in offensive line, defensive line and secondary. Incongruently, considering the wide receiver/tight end rankings, sophomore tight end Jonnu Smith is their preseason First Team All-C-USA tight end.

The quote from an opposing assistant says "Their offense is pretty basic, a pro-style offense. They will huddle and do what Ron Turner did somewhere in the NFL."

Kind of what I said when I found out they were closing spring practices.

The Sporting News: 7th in Conference USA East. Nobody made TSN's preseason all-conference team, although they went with three wide receivers instead of two and a tight end.

USA Today: 1-11, 0-8 in Conference USA, so they must like FIU over the male half of Hart to Hart but under everybody else. 125th out of 128 nationally. Smith as the preseason all-conference tight end. They rank this year's recruiting class tied for eighth in C-USA, even with FAU.

It's hard for me to see FIU going winless in Conference USA or losing to Wagner. That's at least two wins right there. Bethune's predicted to win the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference again despite losing a kitchen table full of starters. Still, could be win No. 3. That would be progress.



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That's why they play the games. I'm looking forward to the progress that will be made next year.

That's why they play the games...

"That's why they play the game" mantra is good for game day, however the current state of affairs in Athletics is the fault of the AD! The root problem festers on!

Exasperated Panther I agree the D-bag must go! But let's talk football.

Some of the biggest problems are when you have a coaching staff that doesn't recruit effectively (especially in Miami) you do not get good prospects; when your coaching staff changes and you fill said voids and said staff has no one from the Tri-County area (nor did you interview anyone from said area) you isolate the local high school coaches (more like give them a middle finger); and to top it off have a head coach that his players know he is a racist, you really have problems.
If this idiot of a head coach stays long enough you have no choice but to look forward to a lily-white football team filled with "good character guys" that can't play quality Division I BCS level football.

FIUJM trust me there is no progress going on there!

ChiaPanther get ready for some awful football

DJN please ask RT why not one coach from the Tri-County area was not interviewed? Why such focus on white prospects from North Florida? and Why is it that FIU can't keep a Director of Football Operations longer than a football season?

All but 2 players in the last class were from South Florida. Seems like they focused on the area well without hiring a Trip County HS coach.

"Pain" is not good football prediction..for the opposite team ;)

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