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On QB Maurice Alexander

Did you do a double take that FIU got a quarterback commit out of Booker T. Washington, considering A) they barely took a look at national championship quarterback Treon Harris and B) the Booker T. and FIU staffs don't exactly hit the same Dunkin Donuts.

Maybe this will help explain: Maurice Alexander just transferred to Booker T. from Homstead High, where The Herald picked him Second Team 5A-Independent All-Dade. Last year, Alexander threw for 2,111 yards on 115 of 204 passing and ran for 90 yards on 63 carries (remember, sacks come off rushing totals in high school and college). He quarterbacked Booker T. to the championship of the Dolphins Academy 7-on-7 last weekend and will be leading them into the Nationals at Indianapolis.

Alexander's rated at two stars by 247sports.com, unrated by Rivals and Scout.com.




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Good start to the 2015 Recruiting Class. If he is good enough to lead BTW, Im sure his good enough for our Golden Panthers.. Keep them coming..

Go Panthers!

Did you do a double take that FIU got a quarterback commit out of Booker T. Washington, considering A) they barely took a look at national championship quarterback Treon Harris and B) the Booker T. and FIU staffs don't exactly hit the same Dunkin Donuts

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2014/06/qb-maurice-alexander.html#storylink=cpy

You are kidding right? I would think you know recruiting better this. Treon was a 4* & 5* (depending on site) all world duo-threat QB who held offers from nearly every top 50 team in the country by the time RT was hired. Harris committed to FSU in late June. While Turners staff was trying to figure out who was eligible for the season opener.

What a joke this statement is. If anything blame MCs staff for not going after Treon as a Junior.

Now, I am surprised that we picked up a commitment from BTW. But I was also surprised when we signed 300lb OL/DL Jordan Ingrahm from Booker T. Washington and 14 SoFlo athletes.

Chia, once again, you are the Alberto Juantorena in the 800 meters of missing the point.

It isn't that they didn't get Treon Harris. They had no hope of that. It's that they declined to even give a "What's up? Check us out..." when they had time to do that. Declined. Not forgot. Decided against it.

I do know recruiting. I know that relationships are valuable. I know that sometimes, you recruit a kid even when you don't have a shot at him just to help your relationship with the staff and the kid, who has peers, siblings, etc. i.e., do you think MC really thought he had a shot at Teddy Bridgewater when he was in there pitching him? I also know what I've heard for more than a year from those at or close to the power high school programs in the 305 about relationships with FIU. Heard it last summer, heard it in the fall, heard it in the winter, heard it in the spring, heard it two weeks ago.

305 high school relationship with FIU over last year? I believe last class just in dade county we got players from Carol city, booker t. Washington, Hialeah, Miami springs, northwestern, and homestead.

Since we didn't offer Tim Tebow(I'm assuming we didn't) we may have missed out on him. I guess I'm not getting the point on Treon Harris.


I did not miss the point. The point was absurd, or you failed to make the point on the first place.

Trying to compare the recruiting process between Maurice and Treon is stupid. I would have used the comparison between Rakheem Cato and Maurice, saying how they both transferred to Major HS Programs for their final year of HS. Cato also being an FIU Commit at the time of his transfer. But hey, you are the one in the know.. you are the one that hears things... many things... from many people saying different things... or the same things from all those people who like to say things...

BTW, on Rivals, Harris was offered by FIU! so pretty weird that those coaches that say things didn't mention that....

Good theory on recruiting (I agree; to a degree) but not on offering a 4*5* guy that will never even accept a visit to your school (per Rivals Treon did not accept a visit to FIU). Also, didn't address the signing of Jordan Ingrahm from Booker T.. or that last season set a recruiting record for most 305/954/561 area players in the history of the school. ... Man imagine what Ron Turner could get if he shared a beer with Mr. Ice Harris... Yes you may recruit players as bundles, cousins, friends, etc..You may even recruit a fringe player hoping that he helps land a higher prospect... but a guy like Harris is a waste of effort at this point, especially in 2013 (year < 1).

BTW, FAU didn't even offer Harris... so their HS Coaches must not know how to recruit the area either...not while Pelini was there nor Partridge in a pear tree.

Also wasn't Ice the guy who in 2013 said that GOLDEN and Barrow didn't want local STUDS, and thats why FSU took one of his Best DL linemen... only to say in the 2014 class that Goldie did an amazing job with the star guys in the area?..

Please... Recruiting is also a business for those HS Coaches that make a living taking talented players from other areas by showing them the amount of D1 signees they produce....

Yes you know recruiting.. but you also make some piss poor comparisons.. I guess I'll check by later for a response from you; so we may continue our playful banter.

Oh look who also makes claims that FIU offered Mr. Harris...

And so does this site...

Look who 247Sports lists as the assigned recruiter for Alabama. It's our former OL coach....oops, meant scUMs former OL coach. Ok ok that's not fair. He did good things here...

So the top three sights claim that FIU did MORE than A) barely take a look at the National Champion QB and B) met for coffee at least once with Jordan Ingraham and maybe had a pastelito with former Homestead turned Booker T Washington starting QB.

Or just maybe they didn't meet at Dunkin Donuts but had the Ponce breakfast of Galindos Latin American Restaurant on the corner of 107th and coral way .

I don't know ESPN's or 247sports.com's sources. But I know mine -- for both ends -- and am comfortable with sticking with what I've been told.


The reason Florida got Treon is that they were the only school that made a push for him with the possibility of competing for a job. He wanted to play QB, not "athlete." He's not the first, nor will he be the last, elite player that FIU has ignored because coaches value their system more than quality players.

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