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Should FIU try to get Bethel?

According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Texas Tech dismissed Nigel Bethel II, a three-star freshman-to-be cornerback out of Booker T. Washington, for what's believed to be punching a women's basketball player.

Bethel drew an Electra 225 trunkload of offers, including one from FIU. He was a hot recruit. He's a radioactive recruit at the moment. He'll find a place in an FBS program. Talent gets many chances. One out of the way, probably, with a small fan base that's too small or apathetic to raise too much of a fuss in comparison with his potential contributions to the team.

Sound like any school you know?

Not saying Ron Turner would pursue Bethel -- in fact, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't -- but should he? I'm not saying he should or shouldn't. I'm not saying Bethel would land at FIU if they were interested. I want to know your opinion on whether or not they should be interested. Should they talk to Bethel, "kick the tires" on him, if you will?



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Not a chance.. Turner went through an entire year of removing the cancers from the team and now you want to welcome a player that PUNCHED A WOMAN.. He can lose the respect of 85 guys over ONE WR.. No way! Too much risk with little to gain. Im all about 2nd chances but there is a big difference between the player that skipped class 2 or 3 times and got kicked off from the player that is going around and punching people.

Easy call... NO!

"Now you want to welcome a player..."

Gooch, read again. I pointedly kept my opinion out of it because I wanted to hear YOUR opinions.


Wow, good question DJN. it can be argued for both perspective.

Lets remove the legal issues for now as Nigel will face jail time. As apparently he fractured her face.

He is a DB not a position of need based on the signeees from 2014 and the 2013 redshirts.

However he is a local kid from a school and a staff that we don't openly recruit successfully at. Or at all if you ask DJNs sources....cue Jordan (2014) and current commit Maurice. So logic would say it would be a bad idea to earn some Kudos from a power football factory..

But, I recall the guys in 2004 or so that held up some students at gun point. And as Gooch7 so eloquently said, coach spent one year teaching these kids to be men and accountable.

In short, hell no! He was committed to UM before going to Texas Tech, let him go there...fittingly.

Please not another loser to FIU..

Here's a tad more info....

And a copy of initial police report...

Innocent till proven guilty, but he hit a girl? On a basketball court, what could she possibly have with her to endanger his life?

Double Hell no!!

She had game chia

Has former UM director of football ops Dave Scott started with us?

I choose to be a hypocrite here. If he enrolls at FIU then he is a misunderstood young man that comes from a vulnerable neighborhood and deserves a second chance. If he enrolls at UM then he is a woman-beating thug. If he goes to Alabama or Auburn he was paid by the boosters there and is a no-good predator, and criminal. You see how simple things can be?

NO! I mean, are you trying to get even easier hits on FIU for headline stories? If you can make baseball player crimes that happened years ago into the web sites main headlines, I can only imagine what the Herald would do with this ("FIU welcomes woman beater"?) Plus, above posters are right, RT has been clearing out these types of players from the program, they are too much work and cut into his nap schedule. I would bring him in and keep a close eye on him because we lack talent, but then again, I'm not a senior citizen or taking my last paycheck before I retire.

make him a miami herald writer!

Everyone deserves a second chance. Not a third though.

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