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Ex-FAU AD Craig Angelos now in charge of...revenue?

FIU has hired former FAU athletic director Craig Angelos as the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Revenue. Between FAU and FIU, Angelos held an also-long title, Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director, at the University of South Florida.

Now, you might say FIU having a Senior Associate Athletic Director for Revenue would parallel BYU having a Senior Associate Athletic Director for African-American Student-Athletes. According to FIU's 2012-13 NCAA Financials Report, the latest one available, the athletic department received 68.9 percent of its total operating revenue from $19,519,332 in student fees. As far as contributions, the department brought in $2,830,915.

So, the department doesn't raise money so much as collects it.

Anyway, FIU's athletic department already has an Associate AD in charge of Development, Chris Bultinick. Bultinick's responsible for "all fund-raising efforts in the athletic department," according to his bio on the FIU website.

Senior Associate AD Bobby Staub oversees the marketing and ticket sales to the point he's got bonuses in his contract for attendance. So that shouldn't be on Angelos' plate, either.

Anyway, according to this 2012 story in The Palm Beach Post, poor fund-raising and marketing contributed to FAU not renewing Angelos' contract. The story by veteran reporter Tom DeAngelo also points out that Angelos got FAU's impressive $70 million stadium built. He had to raise money for that and the rest of the athletic department during a national economic valley. OK, so by that time that stadium's paid off, the rising coastal waters will have turned it into a beachfront stadium, but it's there.

We'll check after the holiday on what entry that's usually on an athletic director's To Do list is now on Angelos' for at least $141,000 per year. That's what Angelos pulled in at USF according to Florida Has a Right to Know.

So, there's been no track coach for the entire indoor and outdoor seasons. There's no softball coach because they wouldn't give him a big enough bump from $59,000. Various departments in the athletic department have been understaffed.

But the department has another $150,000 suit.



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So you mean something less that Pete Garcia has to worry about....what does he do again...besides sit in his office all day and collect a 300K check? just wondering

He hangs with the people. The American dream

All I know is that these overpaid clowns won't get another penny from me.

I feel stupid that at some point I voluntarily give money to them.I feel sorry for the students that are forced to pay for this in order to get a college degree.

The FIU athletic department is a house of cards. You have all these senior associate ADs making $100K plus and meanwhile none of them are bringing in any revenue.

By my understanding in this blog there are 2 guys under Pedro Garcia doing Pedro's job responsibilities. What the hell is FIU paying $400K to the executive clown director of entertainment for anyway?

Keep turning a blind eye Rosenberg. Your athletic department is a mess. Wonder what kind of dirt Pedro has on Rosenberg?

Worlds Behind, Rosenberg. Worlds Behind

I won't give another penny until both Garcia and Turner are gone. That's the only way to be heard, unfortunately.

Thank you for the information, David.

I respect everybody's opinion, as usual. But, you can't have it both ways.

First, I agree that more and more has to be done to raise salaries of non revenue sports coaches, assistants, staff members in lower level employees to help performance of the athletic department. I also agree with the notion you expressed that revenues from outside of institutional fees and transfers need to be shored up, as FIU has had historically low level of "outside" support in Athletics. However, I believe we need to make an assessment of this hire in its proper perspective.

In one sentence you make the obvious comment that FIU is lacking (as it has always been historically) in terms of revenue generating outside institutional fees, and in the other you criticize FIU for making hirings (at least in terms of what their titles state) precisely to take on this pressing issue.

I think that before making easy target of these hirings, a better way to inform us would be to make questions as to if there is a plan...or not....about these hirings in terms of revenue generating, goals, objectives, integrating of strategic management and forces, etc. If there appears to be none at all, or just a conglomeration of former Sun Belt AD's for the sake of giving them a job.....then the criticism is justified. However, on the other side, if there is a plan behind these hirings, a set of objectives, goals, and integrated strategies.....why criticize it hours after learning about it, without even asking? It would be just another knee-jerk reaction, in my humble opinion.

Fanatic, it's sad that you try to defend this. You look like a fool. Sorry I have to tell you this.

Supporting the current FIU athletics is actually not supporting FIU. FIU deserves better than this.

LOL on who's a fool and looks like a fool. Anyone with a little common sense would understand what I'm posting here, which is not to "try to defend" anything, but to state the facts the way I see it and not rush to conclusions right away, like for example you irrationally do on these boards.

The "dealings" of this AD are so short-sighted that it just baffles me that no one in the administration questions these decision. I remember a time, not to long ago when I just couldn't wait for Fall college sports for FIU. This AD has just taken the love out of my Fall FIU time AND HE'S STILL THERE!!!!

According to this PG made $441k and received his bonus for keeping season tickets at the NCAA minimum standard.
So, roughly pushing his take home pay to half a million dollars...http://collegead.org/salary-for-athletic-director/
Now he has hired two former AD's along with Chris, also and AD. So I am to accept that FIU has a nearly one million dollar AD staff?

This is insane. CoachTurner better pull 4-5 wins....make me forget about the monetary crimes at FIU!!

Angeles fundraising; what a joke. The guy who built OwlCatraz one year late because he couldn't raise the funds in time. Same guy that had to sell home games in Detroit...

Pete now has more time for his ladies and skinny Jeans!!

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