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Prez sez...

Yeah, I know the Ask Rosenberg Twitter chat was last week. Here's the highlights from President Mark Rosenberg's answers in case you were busy composing songs about Tim Howard or working on getting darker.

To "Will there ever be an outdoor rubber track on campus?": "Hoping this happens soon, having major conversations about additional space on this campus to continue building."

To "A lot of us in the FIU alum community lost confidence in our current AD. Will FIU do anything to remedy this?": "All of us are under continuous review. Nobody is exempt from being accountable."

To "Are we gonna have a chance to beat UM in the near future?": "Our objective is to be competitive and to win regardless of who we play."


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All answers are politically correct..

In other words nothing will change. The "track talks" started in 2005 (yes that is NINE years ago)..

Getting more money to increase our quality of coaching and our number of coaches will stay the same (or drop).

As for the UM question I personally don't care right now. I just want to be on the winning side of a few of this games.. Lets start by beating Bethune before we talk U.M..

You don't know how much it hurts to see FIU in these situation.

We need to expect a little more Panther fans..

Rosenberg sucks. Enough said.

I thought about joining the twitter fun as ask Rosenberg..

But its pointless.

That much is clear....C.Angelos, que mie#$@! you know how it goes.

All non answers. How much longer is this garbage going to continue? I'm glad I'm no where near Miami or the Athletic Department's situation would be that much more infuriating. The momentum our program had just a few years ago has completely done a 180. There is nothing to look forward to. The fact that we have a cake schedule and could somehow fall into a handful of w's is the only reason we may not have another 1-11 0-12 season.


The sad reality for us fans who care is that as time passes with the status-quo and this AD, you start to become indifferent to FIU Athletics. That is the 1st stage to apathy. This current athletic adm has somehow managed to dampen and bring down a program located in a talent rich environment. How sad. What a shame.

Screw Twitter, I've emailed Rosenberg directly about the current state of athletics and gotten the same BS non-answers.

How did this FIU AD get a bonus ?


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