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What Do You Want to Know?

One of the Dallas Airport Marriott's -- which are about as far away from the DFW Airport as South Beach is from MIA -- will host a flurry of preseason football activity Wednesday when Conference USA hosts its Media Day.

Each school's head coach along with two players from each team get to spread the summer gospel of optimism. Two fifth-year seniors, center Donald Senat and safety Demarkus Perkins, will represent FIU along with Ron Turner.

What do you want asked of the FIU contingent or anyone else in Conference USA?



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That's a very open ended question, DJN. You know that you're going to get the usual suspects coming on here, wanting you to ask Turner & players about things related to PG, Angelos, World's Behind, etc. Everything that they would not be in a position to form an opinion.

Questions I would love to ask:
Which current player on team is poised for a breakout season?

If McGough is the best QB on the field when camp breaks, will he be the starting QB in game 1 or is that too much pressure on a freshman?

Which positions do you feel comfortable with regarding quality depth and which positions have you frightened?

What's the biggest adjustment we'll see with Turner releasing the coordinator role to Shankweiler? Will Shankweiler call his own game or will Turner be second guessing every play?

Any truth that Butch Davis will be hired as a consultant to assist Coach Turner with the team and Angelos with fundraising via his many contacts ?????

Perfect example of the insane kind of questions that will come from the "insiders"...

Instead of talking football the people on these posts only worry about the athletic director. It is obvious that the AD is not liked but wasting time on him is just that. Lets focus on football not administrators.

I'd like to know which returning player has improved most from a physical standpoint. I recall reading somewhere that the OLine took it personal that they were the weak link last season and as a unit committed themselves to improving in the weight room. What were the results? How have they been doing? Who improved most?

So the public should not care if Butch is hired to be a consultant ? If you DP were Turner, would you care ?

I think DP provided some good questions.

I think it's interesting that Ron Turner is not taking a QB to media days... speaks volumes... so I'd like to know why?

Ask Senat as the 5th year senior and returning Center about the progress of the OL and if any of the Freshman appear ready to play big roles in the OL; like last year in Budwig? Obviously they just got there, but maybe they have worked with all the returnees without coaches present.

How important is the "return" of Richard Leonard to the team?

On offense. How do you see Glenn Coleman contributing as a WR? Both of those players were out last season due to grades.

We graduated arguably the best two defenders who played last season on the D-Line: Isame Faciane and Hickman. Which players do you see standing up to replace them as starters and/or provide depth at the position?

Thank you, DJN, for the opportunity for us to suggest questions to be asked.

Go Panthers!

Mike, you see, the "inside info" about Butch becoming a consultant has never once been mentioned anywhere in mainstream media. So, these questions coming from left field, and hinted that they're routed in inside info,are purely meant to troll a fanbase.

Butch is taking an ESPN roll this year. He'll be a college football studio analyst and it's been reported in many different media outlets.

Thanks DP, I was not aware of that...

Serious question: Has Patrick Jean added any size to his frame ? A little more discipline from him on the field and an extra 20 lbs would be a huge boost to the LB sqaud.

Has Mike Wakefield been moved to LB for good ??

Jonnu is turning out to be Turner's best recruit so far. He's made a few of the preseason teams. Where do you feel he has room to improve and do you see tweaking the offense a bit to make the Tight End a more integral part of it?

How about some confirmation of players who sat out last year due to grades returning to the team.

I heard that Kedrick Rhodes was also coming back to the team after he cleared his legal issues? Is this true?

I was also told that FIU is allowing beer sales inside of the stadium? I was told that Miller High Life is looking to become a sponsor? Any truth to that?

I was also told that FIU is coming out with new uniforms, a gold jersey, and gold pants. Is this true?

Why did our starting QB heading into his senior season transfer out?

He transferred because he know he was no longer a part of the immediate plans. He wasn't the right fit for this offense and I guess he got the feeling that this staff was going to begin looking towards the future by giving meaningful snaps to an underclassman who'd be with the team for 3 or more seasons.

The irony is that he's a solid punter. Had he stayed his senior year, and dedicated himself to that, his future might have been on an NFL roster somewhere.

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