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Early Bethune at FIU line, Conference USA title game odds

FIU believers, here's your chance to back up your belief with some bucks. Or, just give you something to talk about if you run into Brent Musberger or Al Michaels at a party.

As often stated here, only serious bettors tend to get down on FIU games, so the linesmakers tend to be pretty facile in their analysis of said contests. So, there's usually value to be had.

The website 5dimes.com, to which I was alerted by 940WINZ sports radio host Andy Slater, has posted the first line I've seen on FIU's season opener Aug. 30 against Bethune-Cookman. The site rates the Wildcats 4.5-point favorites over the Panthers in the Cat Fight at The Cage.

Last year, FIU opened as the favorite, but Bethune went off as the favorite at kickoff and covered in a 34-13 win. The over/under in that game was 47, by the way.

Also on that site are money line odds on the Conference USA title game. Marshall's the favorite at -450, meaning you'd have to bet $450 on Marshall to win $100. FIU's the longest shot with a +15000 money line, meaning if you laid down $100 on the Panthers, you get $15,000 if they win the Conference USA title.

MySportsBook's money line has Marshall at -500 with FIU and UTEP at +11,000. As I said in Monday's column, I don't see FIU as the worst team in the East Division, much less in the entire conference. I don't see them as conference champs, either, but at those numbers, well, you probably wasted money on worse things this week so plunk a few bucks down.

LVH Superbook and Gaming Today also puts Man O' War odds on Marshall, too, 1-6, the biggest favorite among the conferences listed. FIU and UTEP are the longest shots at 100-1. BetUSA.com puts Marshall at 1-5 with FIU and UTEP at 110-1. 



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In the next few weeks the mess that this team is will be uncovered. All the supposed fans that support this team now, will be calling then for firings.
You can't fix something by doing something wrong twice.


of course people won't attend or support FIU football if they are losing games, who would?

I feel good about the team. From an athlete stand point, I don't believe that they want to go through what they went through last year. I hope the coaches realize what is at stakes. Come on guys a few years ago FIU was recruiting 2 stars and playing in the sunbelt... we have made strides. Lets support FIU!

Let me again state that the negative covering of DJN of FIU is distasteful.... Goodnight guys...10 days away!!!

I'm sorry. I'll, henceforth, no longer mention betting lines.

Nah, just kidding. I'll keep doing it just as I've done it for almost every game the last three seasons and if you don't like it, you'll skip over it.

David you're negativity towards FIU makes me miss the Adam Beasley days of FIU.

Mustang Sally,
Being negative is not the problem: this team, coach and AD are terrible. Being negative towards this team is being realistic.
The problem is the mocking and the pleasure he shows when he is writing something negative. It's just disturbing. I wish DJN would man-up and accept that he has pleasure out of FIU failures. I he did that I would have more respect for him, at least he would be an honest man.

WOW!! Lets slow down.. First off no FIU fan should say they miss the Adam Beasley days. By far the WORST coverage for FIU athletics.
Second, I don't see anything wrong with writing information about the Las Vegas lines and predictions they have about our Golden Panthers. Guys its for FUN!
Third, after last years performance you would have to be crazy to say much positive about the team and the upcoming season. The ONLY people that need to believe they can win more games then last year is the 85 Football players and the 10-12 coaches on staff. Everyone else is secondary.
Fourth, I was the one that asked the question about why FIU is NOT allowing the Herald to write stories about them and as you all noticed this idea is NOT Coach Turners idea (its Pete's and ONLY Pete's).
Fifth, I think Neal does a pretty good job covering FIU and not sugar coating the story. Can he be a little more positive? Most likely YES, but I think he still does a darn good job.
Last but not least, lets go enjoy and support a team that is going to be WAY BETTER than last year. Im really starting to like Turner and the staff and it should be an exciting show on turf.

Go Panthers!

As my father was fond of saying, some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope.

Hey djn, how bout you inquire on why we can no longer tailgate on the tamiami park side anymore. More bull crap from this school and the county

I already asked. Its only for Bethune and one other game. And its because the fair rented out space and parking for another event. For Bethune, its the Gun Show and they are charging to park for their gun show patrons and do not want FIU tailgatirs taking up the spaces they rented from fairgrounds staff.

Again, this is what I'm talking about. Complaining about FIU, Athletics and PG without actually knowing the facts.

Where did I mention pg in this conversation dp? It's amazing how much you defend pg. Any more up his --- and you will give him a rectal exam. Considering you basically have to be some type of employee at the school to defend him that much, tell your bosses to next time get a clue and just flat out mention the reason instead of keeping it quiet if your reason is true. "Due to a private event, no tailgating at tamiami on these dates". Is it that difficult?

I don't believe that DP, in form to fill out it has every home game at FIU. I do hope you're tight and it's just 2 games. Quebola is right, no one mentioned PG. Lol

I'm not an employee, but I do have a few friends that work there. Since Tamiami park is not part of their land, I don't think its their responsibility to tell us when you can and cannot park there.

Gentlemen, let's try not to lose our PG rating here.

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