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FIU's Reason to Watch Browns-Lions

While the rest of the country zeroed in on a Browns-Lions preseason game to watch how Johnny Manziel would translate "Johnny Football" to the NFL, I tuned in to check out former FIU defensive tackle Greg Hickman in his preseason debut for Detroit.

(By the way, how strong is just the idea of "Johnny Football in The NFL" that people cared about watching a Browns-Lions preseason game?) 

As it turned out, the bulk of Manziel's playing time came in the second half and coincided with the bulk of Hickman's time. Detroit rotated Hickman with a few other defensive tackles throughout the second half.

Officially, Hickman had one tackle, a solo, and a quarterback hurry. The tackle was on a 2-yard off tackle run to the right by Terrance West. Hickman worked through and chased down West from behind as the running back got clogged in the hole. Hickman somehow didn't get credit for later dismissing Keavon Milton and stuffing running back Dion Lewis for a loss of 2. 

Hickman had two plays, a Manziel 16-yard scramble and a Lewis 12-yard run, when Cleveland got a big gain through where Hickman had been. The scramble came after a stunt all the way around the right tackle took Hickman out of the contain position you'd want a defensive tackle in against a mobile quarterback like Manziel. If that stunt wasn't an improvisation, but ordered in the defensive call, somebody in the polo shirts gets a demerit. Bad concept. On the Lewis run, Hickman zipped up inside at the snap, leaving a gap that perhaps a linebacker should've filled.

Overall, Hickman helped himself by doing his job. But that low on the roster, you need to make a jump out play or two to keep The Turk from your door.



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I watched the Game at Duff's Famous Wings in buffalo, NY and Hickman made a good debut and as you said, he didn't get the TFL, but it was his and the coaches watching the film will keep a different stat book from the game credits. He did enough in my opinion to make it to another game and get another opportunity.

The mobile QB's have always been a problem for all of our guys. Good Luck to Isame and Greg. And GoPanthers!

Open up Sat's Herald and multiple um football articles with TWO sentences on FIU. Similar for today's paper, then I remember, Oh Yes, FIU's brilliant athletic adm decided to lock out the Herald from covering! Again brilliant!

Hey DJN, will the college preview in this year's Herald edition have a blank page for FIU? Just wondering.

DJN does this mean you won't be at FIU for Thursday evening event?

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